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OneName: The Bridge Between Physical & Digital Identity

Someday this service may be the most important form of identification you posses —  with the potential to combine and exceed the utility of your driver’s license, passport and social security card.  1,089 more words

Ripple How-To Videos

Ripple is an interesting cryptocurrency protocol that I’ve written about before here and here, and after noticing a shortage of video content about Ripple online (with the exception, at the time of this writing, of Steven Zeiler’s excellent… 160 more words

P2P Currency

Bad Reputation

I’ve held off on posting on this one-even though it’s been Live for a while now-because I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it.  But at the least, it’s worth commenting on, so here goes.  1,126 more words

Star Trek Online

Xbox One Rep System Could Revoke Twitch Privileges

It looks like Microsoft has started to formulate their plan of attack on the griefers that populate Xbox Live. The outline of the rep system and how it will handle certain players was outlined on the Xbox Wire blog. 13 more words

Microsoft Will Soon Penalize Xbox One Players for Naughty Behavior

In an announcement on Xbox Wire, Xbox Live Programmer Michael Dunn gave a more detailed explanation of Xbox One’s Reputation system.  The notifications are planned to begin showing up this month. 257 more words

Video Games

How Much Grind Is Too Much?

  Star Trek Online has begun hyping its next major publish in “Season 8: The Sphere”.  The intent on it is to advance the game’s storyline with regard to the “Big Bad” that’s been hinted at since day one (which I’ll keep my mouth shut on just in case there are folks who don’t want to know because they haven’t gotten that far in the game yet), and bring in a few more Voyager elements.  729 more words

Star Trek Online

New Spivey Bitcoin Reputation Protocol Runs Over Bitcoin

I developed a new protocol for expressing reputation between different wallet owners using the Bitcoin protocol. While researching Bitcoin I noticed a couple of patterns and a need for a different way of doing things. 1,196 more words