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Following God's Example

What I am asking God to do for me I must be willing to do for others…forgive me, bless me, be patient with me , be merciful unto me, be kind unto me, love me unconditionally…DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO ADD TO THIS INCOMPLETE LIST?

Food For Thought

Request FF

Haii, buat kalian yang mau request fanfiction yuuk sini curahkan semua yang ada dalam pikiran kalian, nanti mimin bikinin dehh :)

Formatnya isi di kolom komentar yaa,, 23 more words


Questions for Christians: Can Christians Pray to Saints?

Let’s Define “Pray”

The first thing we need to do when discussing “praying to saints” is to make sure everyone understands the definition of “pray”.  The most common mistake among Christians on this topic, is that they don’t realize that “pray” is not a word with only one definition.   6,085 more words


Some requests can be quite entertaining!

Whilst Streaming a viewer requested I photoshop Vladimir Putin riding an Orca, whilst shooting miniguns at Kim Jong Un. I feel I delivered adequately!


(Request) LOVE EAST || 暁Records

Requested by Mayu \o/
The English was way too random, but I tried to fit it into the translation somehow.
Silly note: This is a love song dedicated to Touhou! 857 more words