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Request for TheRealDelirious .
Sorry, I really am no good with guys, but I tried my best. Hopefully his head doesn’t seem too strange ^^” BUT! 38 more words


Embedded Camera Systems

So, having done some digging its clear that the two cameras I need to run in tandem will most likely be difficult to achieve with Arduino. 281 more words

Hanahaki - 6. Chasing car.

if i lay here

if i just lay here

would you lie with me

just forget the world?

Daniel thả vào tay Woojin đống bông băng mà không nói gì. 4,884 more words

Non Ongniel

- REQUEST - Foxtail

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Request for royal-breeze .
Wanted to draw these weapons but I couldn’t seem to draw a good dynamic pose, so this is the final result. 38 more words


Hanahaki - 5. Already Gone.

Căn phòng đen thẫm không hề có một tia sáng nào ngoài màn hình điện thoại phát ra thứ ánh sáng xanh mờ mờ. Woojin ngồi thừ trên giường, mắt nhìn điện thoại thật lâu, màn hình vừa tắt là cậu lại bấm nút nguồn chỉ để nhìn chăm chăm vào mấy con số phút chuyển động. 7,966 more words

Non Ongniel

Feature Request: Even at version 20, Google Allo is still missing these 5 basic features

(Source: 9to5google.com)

During the last few months, Google has been working hard to bring users to Allo and Duo. While Duo has been a relative success (it’s pre-installed on Pixels, and widely regarded as a simply great video calling app), let’s talk about Allo, and what Google do to make it comparable to the competition. 667 more words


- REQUEST - Developy

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Request for NovaMorphex .
I love this hair! This is one of the best haircuts I’ve ever drawn *^* 22 more words