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Requiem for a Dream

‘Somebody like you can really make things alright for me.’

Requiem for a Dream tells the disturbing story of four people’s battle with drug addiction, the drastic lengths they’ll go to to score and the awful consequences when the battle is lost. 407 more words


Accessory Books

And no, I don’t mean books you wear…

What I find fascinating is how teen and young adults are portrayed in society as readers. In the world of books, films and TV the teens who like to read are often the alternative characters. 439 more words

Addiction in Cinema

Requiem for a Dream

Darren Aronofsky’s second film Requiem for a Dream (1998) famous for it’s chilling orchestral soundtrack is one of the most unique and disturbing films of its time, an intelligent exploration of addiction. 1,414 more words


Requiem for A Dream

So after having one of my music theory professors talk about this movie and the soundtrack that comes with it, I broke down and decided to watch the film. 1,674 more words

Movie Review

All Of The Simpsons Movie Tributes You Ever Wanted To See

The Simpsons have been on the air (running) for a staggering 27 years! During those 27 years, The Simpsons & co have paid homage to a ton of movies. 39 more words


Diet Pepsi: A Love Song

One of the first things any weight loss guru will tell you is that the key to losing weight is to drink a ton of water. 428 more words

Health And Safety

Requiem for a Dream

Đó là mùa đông cuối cùng.

Khi Sara Goldfarb đã dừng ăn món hamburger béo ngậy từ trước đó rất lâu. Khi Sara Goldfarb không còn nhấm nháp vị ngọt chocolate trong lúc xem chương trình của Tappy nữa. 6,957 more words