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September's book (and flu) haul

Hey guys!

!This post contains complaining so if you don’t want to read it, then scroll to the book part. I am a little bit negative about this week but I swear I will survive it, haha! 940 more words


Requiem For A Dream (2000)

Jared Leto stars as a junkie looking for a way onto easy street for himself, his bored upper class girlfriend Jennifer Connelly and partner in crime Marlon Wyans. 159 more words


My list of the most visually stunning movies of the 21st Century

Sometimes we are approached by some visually stunning movies for which the cinematography has to be applauded. It often remains that a ‘good movie’ has to have a plot/narrative that drives the audience into the lives of the characters that we have all come to love and know, but some times the tip of the icing relies on the visually pleasing aesthetic that the film holds. 827 more words

Quality Control (Cross Talk Ep. 8)

My day job is interesting, dear readers.

I work for a major Canadian retailer, at their corporate office, coordinating marketing efforts. To be more specific, I’m responsible to ensure all of the product photography, marketing related images, online product catalogue, and any written content associated with the brand stays on track and keeps on keeping on. 455 more words


Tracy Letts Looks Back on 'Bug' at New Beverly Cinema

New Beverly Cinema concluded their month long tribute to Oscar winning filmmaker William Friedkin with a double feature of “Bug” and “Killer Joe… 1,207 more words

Film: Requiem for a Dream, NR, 2000

“But Anne,” you’re already saying, “Requiem for a Dream is a drama.” Trust me, that doesn’t make it any less frightening.

Watcher beware! If you can get beyond the fact that this movie is about four people destroying their lives through various addictions- but surviving- it also contains two instances of onscreen vomit, one instance of a needle entering an open wound, ECT, increasingly frequent and increasingly gross CUs on a track mark, strangely sexualized forcefeeding, and at least one use of the N word from a white man. 525 more words