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Requiem for a Dream: Hyperbole is the Brightest Highlighter

By: Joe

A while ago, I watched Requiem for a Dream for the first time in years.  The next day, I was texting with some friends about it and I remember typing “requiem for a dream is our lives.”  It seemed an intuitive thing to say at the time.  741 more words

Film Analysis

Movie Review: mother! (2017)

Jennifer Lawrence comes of age.  Jennifer Lawrence escapes the Katniss Everdeen label she acquired in the highly successful Hunger Games trilogy.  Jennifer Lawrence finally has on-screen staircase-and-into-the-bedroom sex; reveals her breasts (almost—they may not be hers); uses the f-word, twice; and, as is… 944 more words


mother! Movie Review

Darren Aronofsky’s mother! may leave you woozy, bewildered, and exhilarated and sometimes all within the same minute. It’s a film that many will despise for taking its Hollywood stars down this rabbit hole of Biblical allegories and celebrity culture mockery. 544 more words


Requiem for a philosophical medium

The philosophical capacity and contribution of a film is highly debated. The variety of genres and films within genres creates a spectrum so wide that I’m sure there is a film that would support every opinion. 1,571 more words

Requiem for a Dream: Symbolic for the Dangers of Pharmaceutical Dependency

Each of the four protagonists suffered through drug dependency — or rather, they particularly enjoyed it, for most of its run. It was Sarah Goldfarb (Ellen Burstyn) though, who was the only character dependent on legal prescription drugs, showcasing that dependency is not limited to just illegal drugs, and that prescriptions can be just as dangerous. 827 more words


Jennifer Connelly's 10 Best Movies

Jennifer Connelly had a stellar 2017, making a welcome comeback.  I’ve loved Connelly since I was a kid and she was the girl trapped in Jim Henson’s… 304 more words


Nightmares and Dreams Month: Views from The Wife - Black Swan (2010) Review

(Views from the Wife is exactly as it sounds – these a reviews done by fellow movie-lover and coincidentally my wife).

Warning: This review contains mild spoile… 956 more words