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How To Document ERP / COTS Requirements - Tell Stories

Requirements for ERP / COTS projects are documented in all shapes and sizes. There is no standard method. It is left on consultants, Business Analysts, Business Users (Subject Matter Expert) discretion. 563 more words

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Writing to you all, is an Indian who is getting ready to go to Germany for her Master’s degree. Earlier as an applicant to those universities in Germany, I faced a lot of problems collecting information and even considered receiving guidance from consultancies. 247 more words


How standards help small and medium sized businesses

ISO International Standards help businesses of any size and sector reduce costs, increase productivity and access new markets. When it comes to SMEs, confidence has a nickname that’s recognized worldwide. 58 more words

The Optional Gospel

There seems to be a fairly common theme in today’s world among those in so-called Christendom.  This theme I’ll term the “optional gospel”.  It’s core tenet is that basically everything in Christianity is, in fact, optional.   452 more words


How Taking English Throughout High School Is Absolutely Worthwhile (Yes, Even As a Future Accountant!)

Some may see taking English in their senior year before going to university for sciences, or any other STEM program for that matter, as useless as taking calculus when planning on being a history major. 437 more words

University Path, University Level English!

High school students have the option of choosing applied or academic classes in grades 9 and 10,  and college or university level classes in grade 11 and 12. 574 more words