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Inflection points

An inflection point comes where there is a dramatic change in direction. In a typical business or software process, this is the fulcrum around which the rest of the process rotates. 429 more words


Latent requirements

When we design innovative solutions we often have to deal with two types of end-user requirements:

Obvious (explicit) requirements: clearly articulated improvements, amendments or extensions. 115 more words


Thinking in Code

What is coding? The practice of breaking down big problems into very small problems. Turning everything into logic : recipes and decisions. Taking the fuzziness and ambiguity of the world and human language and turning it into something definitive and concrete, something that can be reasoned about. 149 more words


Tip for BAs: make a portable whiteboard

I’m often asked to recommend simple tools for aspiring BAs to use and I can’t think of anything more simple – or more useful – than pen & paper or, where available, a whiteboard. 253 more words

Business Analysis

I am proud to announce that we will host a mini-workshop, pre-ceeding the REFSQ 2016 PC Meeting in Gothenburg on Dec-3rd. Participation is free. More information and registration link.

Requirements Engineering

Happy to announce that Jennifer Horkoff is confirmed as an additional speaker to the upcoming requirements engineering workshop on Dec-3. She will talk about Creativity and Goal Modeling for Requirements Engineering.