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Travel, Calgary, Alberta: Stampede opens today. Meet the rescue horses.

The 2015 Calgary Stampede opens today with horse (and some dog and donkey) events running throughout the fairgrounds in Calgary, Alberta until July 12. What you might not know is many of the horses participating in events are rescues, some with rags to hopefully victory riches stories including a pair entered in the Heavy Horse Pull. 385 more words


Spa Day

Yesterday was Spa Day, and some hooves got some much-needed attention. :)

As usual, Sable was out best Girl. She relaxes and enjoys the pampering that goes along with a trim. 786 more words

New and Perfect Doorways, Enlightenment and Simplicity

I am listening to Radiohead as I work on the identity of Dharmahorse – we are becoming a non-profit. With the help of loving friends, the good we try to do can be amplified. 532 more words

Horses Heal Us


And…it’s a boy. Finally! This Mama Rescue…back story here…finally had her lil’ one. What a relief to all of us-mostly her, I’m sure! 81 more words

Who is This Horse? Tattoos, Brands and the Future of Equine Identification

There are currently over 9 million horses in the United States. In an average year, somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 US horses are sold to slaughter, most passing through various auctions and feedlots along the way. 958 more words

Draft Horse Rescue

50 Shades of Cruelty: Gaining Some Perspective

50 Shades of Cruelty: Gaining Some Perspective

There are a lot of things wrong in our world. These days it seems like there’s more hate than love going around. 1,665 more words

Draft Horse Rescue

Welcome to the Draft Horse Rescue Resource

Here at the DHRR, we seek to aid and network draft horses, mules and ponies in need all over the US and Canada (and occasionally further.) The horses we post are not our horses as we are not a rescue. 84 more words

Draft Horse Rescue