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Adding a rescue pup to your pack

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – So you decided to adopt a rescue dog! Bringing a rescue dog into the family is an exciting time for the human “pack” members, but can create stress around the home. 250 more words

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My Handsome Bug-a-Boo

Have you ever hit your lowest point and wondered if it was all worth it? I have, and let me tell you its a very dark lonely place. 259 more words


Lucky Lily

This week I decided to interview my friend Emily about her dog Lily. Lily is a mix of many different types of dogs. She is a type of mountain dog, which means she is meant to heard things.   363 more words


Put Shame to Shame

If you can, check out this link and listen to the audio message. It’s a young person sharing their story about eating disorder recovery, redemption and seeing shame put to shame. 38 more words


Poor Ray (Follow-up)!

We recently walked Ray to our Humane Society so that he could see his friends there (and wear him out a little as it a 45 minute walk to get there!). 195 more words

German Shepherd

36 hours (or so) and counting

We’re on the final countdown for the bowlathon! We have a full roster of participants so, fingers crossed, we raise a lot of money!

The biggest job I had left — the loot bags — was finished with the kids last week. 135 more words

Shipwrecked Near Wineglass Bay, Tasmania 1935.

Never trust a postcard! Calm seas and blue skies, can turn in an instant as the fury of the sea reveals itself in all its might. 1,050 more words