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That First Apso ...

As “dog folk,” every owner has a story about their first Lhasa Apso … often accompanied by a far-away stare and a catch in the voice as they recount the memories that tumble into the present.¬† 759 more words

Welcome Celina!!

This all happened in a flash. From a quick urgent email and phone conversation late yesterday to the delivery of a beautiful Pyraneese puppy today. It is amazing how life’s roads intersect and intertwine. 361 more words

GA Sanctuary News


I hear it as soon as I step into the garage – a small flapping sound. I stop, trying to locate it – there’s also an accompanying sort of squeak. 708 more words

Fran Haley

Quail, guinea pigs & mice

Bit of a new set up for the quail, so I thought I would show it off :)

And to give you an idea of quite how reliable these girls are with laying…this is 4 days worth of eggs!! 177 more words



KOed by the heat

Revived by the cold coffee

Portland Brew rescue

Haiku Poetry

Saga of Vlad the vole: Chapter two

A close call and teenage days

After the success of sustaining Vlad for the first night, things swiftly developed. Goats milk feeds were every 2 hours during the day and he was loving it! 1,219 more words


The Storm

It is said that the weather could be changed by the collective emotions of the people in the area. Could that be the reason why there are super storms? 802 more words

Dream Journal