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Blind love

“I wish for all of us the blindness of love that makes us see no faults in the other.”
Kamand Kojouri

Many years ago, I received a call. 411 more words


Big Cat Rescue

Though this blog’s main focus is lost/found pets & animals needing fostering/adopting, especially in NorCal (where I’m from), I have an interest in & concern for all things animal. 137 more words


For The Rescuers 

I have to share this poem with you all. I read it while browsing through a site that was raising money for shelter animals and it’s truly one of the best poems I’ve ever read. 496 more words

Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization in Thailand, the United States, Australia, the UK, France, Canada and Holland. Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Asia, works to end the dog meat trade throughout the region, and responds to animal welfare disasters and emergencies. 118 more words


Rescue the Princess!

Date: 15 February 1987

Game System: Rolemaster
Game Master: Player P

Narrator: Thealaf the Blind, Human Rogue


Role Playing

Mr. Sam Goes Home - Forever!

I had hopes. I had dreams. I had a feeling. I had an opportunity for some great head shots this morning. Memories.

Mr. Sam was adopted by a wonderful family at 4 p.m. 230 more words