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Picture from: https://www.quora.com/topic/Publish-or-Perish

Its a fact of life in the academic world…publish or perish.  Like it or hate it.  Assistant professor – 6 to 7 years of constant research to get the “holy grail” of tenure to then “relax”.   458 more words


Interview with Professor Binik

Professor Irving Binik is a reputed psychologist in the field of human sexuality. He has taught at McGill University since 1975, while making important contributions to the field with his research. 1,019 more words


Wall Street Journal: "Pros and Cons of Concierge Medicine"

MedLion, Concierge Medicine Today, Qliance, The DPC Journal and others collaborate for industry-changing Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch report … More practices are catering to the middle class, with the goal of providing affordable care… 1,323 more words


Cancer Cells Survive Treatment by 'Going to Sleep'

One thing that has been puzzling those with cancer and the medical profession for aeons is the fact that one is never cured of cancer, one is always only in remission, with the chances of it returning at any time, even decades later. 508 more words


Elizabeth: Back to Basics – Doing the Research

We’ve been talking the last couple of months about writing basics; walking through individual craft elements in conjunction with the new book I’m working on.  Last week we put together the… 983 more words

Fiction Writing

Experimental Design: Within Groups

Within groups experimental designs is the use of only one group in an experiment. This is in contrast to a between group design which involves two or more groups. 420 more words


Insights into children's mental health and well-being

This briefing from the Office of National Statistics, (ONS) offers a useful profile of the latest trends in child mental health, and confirms a dramatic increase in mental ill health in Britain’s children. 18 more words