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Is research into ageing moving forward or is it held up by the 'alien' approach?

The answer to this question is obviously yes and I wonder how much we will have progressed by this time next year. The main problem still seems to be the lack of involvement of older people. 476 more words


Winter Decision-Making Crosses State Lines

Winter weather events have a regional and often national impact. “Storms never stop at the state line,” said Tom Peters, research and training engineer, MnDOT Maintenance Operations. 440 more words


By bus, plane, and car. On to Sogamoso

16 January 2017

Today was a very long day of travel. We were supposed to fly from Manizales to Bogota, pick up the lake coring equipment that we left there, and then drive about 3.5 hours northeast to the city of Sogamoso. 302 more words


This land is not an inheritance from our parents; we are borrowing it from our children.

15 Jan 2017

Today we visited the Tacurrumby – Laguna Negra Nature Reserve, which was located very close to the peatland we sampled yesterday. Felipe Vallejo of the Unversidad of Caldas accompanied us, and he was nice enough to secure permission for us to sample within the reserve. 485 more words


Recent research roundup: January 2017

This round-up, compiled by Jack Lampkin and Ruth Hayhurst, looks at recent studies about fracking. Please let us know if we’ve missed a report you think should be included. 1,560 more words


Upcoming Conference!! Register Soon!!

January 20th, 2017

2nd High Incidence Disabilities in Education International Conference (HIDC)                                         Hosted by NOARC and RARC this March 2017

This conference has been designed to focus on the issues and challenges that are currently at the forefront of the field of disability services within post-secondary education working with students transitioning into college and university.   86 more words


Fact vs Fiction: The Psychology of Storytelling

There are, according to Harvard psychologist Jerome Bruner, two ways of processing ideas and understanding them, of ordering experience and constructing reality. One is based on logic, verifiable fact or empirical proof. 478 more words