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Hell on earth

Migraine is among the most disabling medical disorders. Every day, 3,000 migraine attacks occur for each million of general population. About fifteen percent of the global population will suffer migraine at some point in their lives. 1,171 more words


The Brain In The Supermarket - Study: Simple “Index Strategy” Helps Consumers Make Choices

by Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office

Say you’re out shopping for basic household goods — perhaps orange juice and soup. Or light bulbs. Or diapers for your young child. 801 more words

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The Sandwich anology

In my previous post, I talked about the comparison between a movie scene and a sandwich, as a way of simplifying and complicating the concept of elements within a movie scene at the same time. 166 more words


Picking Your Topic IS Research

There is an important step in the research process that is often overlooked: selecting a topic. Too often students let their passion for a topic run away with them and forget to consider if it is appropriate for the assignment. 181 more words


ANNUAL RETAINER RENEWALS, Data and Stats, 2015: What Month Is Better For Patient Renewals? Polling Data says "66% sign up in first six months."

Concierge Medicine & Annual Retainers | CMT Physician Poll | Last Updated: MARCH 27, 2015

What month do most “New” (not renewing) patients join your practice and Pay The Annual Fee Upfront? 108 more words


And Now for the Graphics

As a user, I like to see some type of graphic on a site. This could be a graphic design, photos, videos, infographics, animation, etc. Whatever it is, I like seeing a visual representation of the site. 151 more words


Shamba Shape Up Hits Kenya's Radios!

As the new series kicks off on TV in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, new developments are happening off the screen to, with the start of our brand new radio show! 369 more words