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Closing thoughts - Nevada

Nevada is a vast, beautiful place of extremes. It embodies the freedom and danger that comes with a vacuum of power. The air force flies overhead hundreds of miles dotted by forgotten structures and geothermal formations. 41 more words

Simple Regression in R

In this post, we will look at how to perform a simple regression using R. We will use a built-in dataset in R called ‘mtcars.’ There are several variables in this dataset but we will only use ‘wt’ which stands for the weight of the cars and ‘mpg’ which stands for miles per gallon. 469 more words


Super Yummy Sunday: Thanksgiving Leftovers

EDH Note: I scheduled this post for Sunday. Apparently, it decided that it did not want to post, so here we are on Monday afternoon, and you are probably out of Thanksgiving leftovers. 522 more words


Pioneering 'Science to Survive' Pipeline Gives Cancer Patients Hope for A Brighter Future

Despite generations of effort, the ‘translation’ of novel medical discoveries from the laboratory into the patient care arena remains elusive and cumbersome, taking up to 20 years and billions of dollars. 955 more words


Little known facts about seahorses

I have been reading up about seahorses recently and discovered some interesting little bits of information I could not help but share. While seahorses seem to be a big favourite for divers and non-divers alike, we actually know surprisingly little about them. 714 more words

Marine Biology

Getting My Life Together

I hope that everyone had a great thanksgiving! I spent my turkey day with my mom, dad, boyfriend, and cousin. I had so much good food. 278 more words


You just never know what doors will open?

Good morning, yesterday I had all the best plans to finish story number four of five for my middle grade story collection. Tomorrow I had planned a couple of hours submitting my work. 229 more words