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Adventure and Collaboration in Colombia

12 Jan 2017

As I write this, I am flying above the Florida Everglades at night. The contrast between the Miami-Fort Lauderdale region and the adjacent Florida Everglades is quite striking – lines and lines of bright lights to the east and nothing but blackness to the west. 350 more words


Lyme Science Owned By Good Ol' Boys


According to Mary Beth Pfeiffer, an investigative journalist writing the book, “The First Epidemic,” which is about ticks and the diseases they carry, scientific debate on tick borne illness is tightly controlled by a cabal – most of which work at the CDC. 493 more words


Planning controlled by government and developers – new research

Local communities hold the least power in the planning process and central government and developers hold the most, according to a survey of councillors across the UK. 451 more words


The Colour of Characters: Race & Ethnicity in Fantasy

Picking up from last week, I want to talk a bit more about representation in fiction. For the purposes of disclosure, I should state at the beginning that I am a white Western heterosexual CIS woman, so the only kind of ‘minority’ issues I’ve ever personally encountered are grounded in sexism. 972 more words


TIIN instructions

I have now received a response from HMRC to my Freedom of Information Act (FoI) request for the current TIIN instructions: there are some embedded in the TIIN template here: 117 more words


Tick Related Red Meat Allergy Found in Minnesota & Wisconsin

http://www.mprnews.org/story/2017/01/12/tick-triggered-meat-allergy-northern-minnesota  (Click here to listen to the audio – approx. 3.5 min)

The Lone Star tick is supposed to stop dead in its tracks below the Iowa border but increasing numbers of people are being bitten by ticks and developing the… 489 more words


Have your say on fracking health impacts

A researcher is asking for help with an investigation into the impacts of fracking on social health and well-being. 98 more words