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Things To Consider Before Taking an "Incomplete" in Graduate School

I belong to an online forum that comprises a variety of educators at every step of the game, from veteran tenured professors to new graduate teaching assistants. 1,762 more words

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The Much-Anticipated Folger Seminar Post!

So, I’ve been promising a post on the Folger seminar I’m taking for weeks now (three weeks, to be precise) and since university let out early today and I expect to have no time to work on my dissertation between now and the arrival of the family, I thought “what the hell, let’s do this thing.” Not that it’s a chore–I’m thrilled to be able to share this experience with anyone who cares to have a read-through. 2,534 more words

Research And Scholarship

From 65 to (Seemingly) 0 to 65 MPH: (Re) Defining Productivity, The Dissertation Year(s)

I am currently experiencing a phenomenon that I was warned about by friends who are farther along in their degrees that I am or who have finished their degrees, but never really believed could happen to me: … 2,005 more words

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Kalamazoo Calls for Papers--Robin Hood, Monsters, Pilgrimage, Women, Sarcasm and Snark!

Good morning, Readers!

The long, dry summer spell is over and we are now officially back in classes at my university, which (hopefully) means I’ll be back to blogging slightly more regularly. 2,506 more words

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