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The Anglo-Saxon Age: A Very Short Introduction (A Review)

What I love about Oxford’s Very Short Introduction series is that, aside from offering a brief glance into hundreds of topics, the quick ‘in and out’ nature of the books, and the miniature formatting of each title, enable an engagement with a topic which lasts long enough for it to impart vital facts, but short enough where the reader is not overwhelmed. 426 more words

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Progress ... doesn't always look like progress (a post [mostly] on research and publication)

I imagine that everyone who reads this blog has at least a passing familiarity with academia–perhaps you are a student, or the parent of a student, in college or graduate school, or a fellow professor or other member of the university world. 1,935 more words


Evans Response (Milton Journal)

The final ten lines of “Lycidas” speak of two events: (1) of a disaster—natural or otherwise—which befalls a rustic hermit, and (2) the shift in the speaker’s voice from first to third person; this is done while the Pastoral elegy (canzone) shifts to Romantic Epic (ottava rima). 394 more words


A Student's Guide to Chaucer's Middle English (Review)

Language learning is difficult, no bones about it; you have to memorize essentially to memorize some more and between all of this effort you may say to yourself ‘what is the point?’ I have felt this pain personally and so can sympathize deeply with anyone who has ever been on the verge of giving up on learning another language or just could not take it and did dump their dreams of learning out the window. 1,463 more words

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Religion in Anglo-Saxon England

Early medieval England, or what would be eventually known as England, followed a path of spiritual enlightenment similar to those of its continental neighbors; from paganism to Abrahamic religion (principally Christianity), its tale is simultaneously unremarkable as well as intriguing for no other fact than, as with all systems of historical advancement, its progress was uneven. 632 more words

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Writing a Book Review (Or: What the Book Review Genre *Is* and--More Importantly--What it is *Not*)

For many early-stage career scholars, especially graduate students, book reviews are among the earliest publication opportunities presented–and if we are being honest, as with teaching Freshman Composition and other introductory-level courses, this practice is probably deeply backwards because in both cases, experience and the knowledge acquired during one’s career are significant factors in how successfully and effectively one is able to engage with the task at hand. 3,288 more words

A Little Glimpse Into What I've Been Working On....

So, in addition to teaching an online course and sleeping in (!!) this summer, I’ve been hard at work revising portions of my first monograph. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely closer to what I was hoping it would develop into. 409 more words

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