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After School Activities For The Overweight

 Analysis and studies show which all of our kids are developing fater because of the day. Numerous families all over America are struggling to help hold the body weight of their kids within reasonable limits. 209 more words


Looking Back, Rationally

By Anirudh Tagat | Founder of The Altruistic Economist |

Among the main ‘faults’ that have been the mainstay of human cognitive abilities, the hindsight bias is one that particularly stands out, perhaps because it’s something that we pride ourselves upon as a species – think of the “ 719 more words


Decision-Making and the brain

By Ian Moore | Founder of Unthinkable Thinking | M.Sc. in Information Technology & Cognitive Neuroscience |

I will start by stating the obvious, we make decisions with our brains… 993 more words


Our planet is our most important asset: Change before the water boils

By Eva Madeira | Global Membership and Governance Policy Officer at ICLEI |

The nature of decisions is, it changes your routine in some form be it a professional or a personal decision. 633 more words


Distinction Bias: What It Is and How We Can Avoid It

Written by Alexandru Mardare | A business master’s student at KU Leuven |

When making decisions, as well as in general thinking, our judgment is susceptible to biases. 917 more words


How to design safer and greener roads?

Written by Renaud Sarrazin | PhD researcher at BRRC (Belgian Road Research Center)

Road infrastructures impacts

When we refer to road infrastructures, several concepts come to our mind. 504 more words