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Shark Immunity Genes May Hold Secrets

A new study of shark DNA, including from the Great White Shark and Hammerhead Sharks, has revealed unique evolutionary changes in immunity genes that may explain how sharks’ open wounds heal so fast and why they rarely get cancer. 354 more words

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The BPA-substitute BPS was found to affect fertility negatively

In a recent study by Chen et al, published in PLOS Genetics, the chemical Bisphenol-S (BPS) which is an increasingly common replacement for Bisphenol-A (BPA) in many plastic products, have been found to be harmful to the reproductive system.  550 more words


IVF treatment is not associated with an increased long-term risk of breast cancer

When women undergo IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment they will have to boost their body with extra hormones such as estrogen and progesteron, hormones that have been implicated in a higher breast cancer risk. 1,041 more words


Ovarian age affect egg quality

It is well known that the age of a woman affects how fertile she is. We have all heard of declining fertility already when you reach the age of 3o, and an even more drastic drop at the age of 35. 385 more words


Phendo - a tracker for women who suffers from endometriosis

The first time I heard of endometriosis  (en-doe-me-tree-O-sis) or “endo” was about seven years ago when a friend of mine told me that she suffered from extremely painful periods and that she had just been diagnosed with a disease called endometriosis. 1,278 more words


Almost 3 in 10 women conceive naturally within six years after IVF treatment regardless of the outcome of their previous infertility treatment

In a study recently published in Human Fertility it was shown that almost 3 in 10 women (29%) who had received infertility treatments (IVF/ICSI) did conceive spontaneously  within 6 years of the cessation of treatments… 1,167 more words