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College Admissions, Employers differ on social media background checks

The biggest fear of most parents is that their kid will put something on a social media profile and this will completely scotch the kid’s future college acceptance.  426 more words

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85% of Top Execs Believe Social CEOs Demonstrate Innovation, are Better Communicators

After the big brou-ha-ha over Netflix CEO Reed Hasting’s personal Facebook page comment that got him in dutch (just a bit) with the SEC, it would seem that most CEOs would continue to be bearish on using social media.  250 more words

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Why the CEO doesn't Tweet: SEC outlines disclosure rules for the C-suite

On April 2, the Securities and Exchange Commission finally weighed in on the weighty issue of CEOs and social media.

Now, before the C-person tweets on Twitter, or posts to Facebook, or blogs, or whatevers on wherevers, a social media strategy has to be approved by investors. 338 more words

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New Study Says 93% of Recruiters Check LinkedIn over Facebook for Candidates....

A study released by recruitment software company Bullhorn came up with some fascinating stats explaining how headhunters and other recruitment executives make use of various social media platforms to recruit prospects. 486 more words


Looking Back, Rationally

By Anirudh Tagat | Founder of The Altruistic Economist |

Among the main ‘faults’ that have been the mainstay of human cognitive abilities, the hindsight bias is one that particularly stands out, perhaps because it’s something that we pride ourselves upon as a species – think of the “ 719 more words


Decision-Making and the brain

By Ian Moore | Founder of Unthinkable Thinking | M.Sc. in Information Technology & Cognitive Neuroscience |

I will start by stating the obvious, we make decisions with our brains… 993 more words