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Ghost Birds on D'Arros Island

Wedge-tailed shearwaters are medium-sized long-winged seabirds, mostly known for their impressive capacity to fly hundreds of kilometres out to sea. However, on D’Arros Island and the St Joseph Atoll in Seychelles, they are Ghost Birds, named after their distinctive ghost-like calls which emanate at night from the islands’ darkness. 206 more words


Seychelles Turtle Conservation Efforts Stepped Up In Face Of Climate Change

The effects of climate change pose a greater threat to hawksbill turtles in Seychelles than poaching, according to a local conservationist.

Now that the nesting season has ended, conservation officials, including Ashley Pothin, an official from the environment ministry, are refocusing their attention towards the impact climate change is having on the Seychelles turtle population. 358 more words


Seychelles' Conservation Grants Awarded

Save Ours Seas Foundation, a global ocean conservation and marine research organisation, last month announced its new Keystone Grant winners for 2017, as well as… 219 more words


Awareness Month Feature Article by "The Fix" Explores The Topic: 'AA Is not an Evidence-Based Treatment'


“I am in no way demeaning or saying that The 12-Step Program and model is not a form of treatment, nor that it doesn’t help people recover from drugs, gambling, or alcoholism.   2,125 more words

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UniSey Takes On The Blue Economy

The University of Seychelles will soon offer a free online course for students in the Seychelles and around the world who want to learn more about the concept of the Blue Economy –  to harness the resources of the ocean in a sustainable way for the economic development of Seychelles. 140 more words


Shark Immunity Genes May Hold Secrets

A new study of shark DNA, including from the Great White Shark and Hammerhead Sharks, has revealed unique evolutionary changes in immunity genes that may explain how sharks’ open wounds heal so fast and why they rarely get cancer. 354 more words