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Human Subjects Research Rule Revisions Finally Proposed

More than four years after the federal government introduced an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking on federal regulations on human subjects research (called the Common Rule… 253 more words

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Precision Medicine Initiative Seeks Input On Privacy and Trust Principles

I completely missed this one when it was announced in early July, but the interagency working group on the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) is working on privacy and trust principles to guide the project.  148 more words


NIH Looking For Input On Strategic Plan

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has to submit a new strategic plan to Congress by December of 2015.  This is an agency-wide strategic plan, and is focused on general goals and cross-cutting plans for the NIH.  287 more words

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Wellcome Supports Effort To Crowdsource Review of Chemical Probes

Nature Chemical Biology has published a Commentary on its website about chemical probes.  These are important tools in biochemical research for their ability to explore the function of proteins in broader contexts.  147 more words


Second Golden Goose Award Of 2015 Recognizes Neuroplasticity Breakthrough

While it may lack the cachet of The Marshmallow Test, the subject of the second 2015 Golden Goose Award may also seem familiar to many. 225 more words

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Committee Offers Guidelines For Promoting Transparency and Openness

Also in the Policy Forum section of this week’s edition of Science is a longer paper on how journals and scientific organizations might promote transparency and openness in their research.  245 more words

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National Academies Aims To Prime Pump For Self-Correction Discussion

In this week’s issue of Science the Policy Forum section includes an essay from several senior researchers and research administrators discussing the challenges to improving the incentives for ensuring high integrity in research.  379 more words

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