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The results of my PhD scoping workshop on social impact

As part of my wider Phd research into researcher perspectives on societal impact, I held an initial scoping workshop a couple of weeks ago to further develop my understanding and gather data to inform the writing of my interview questions to be used in later case studies. 706 more words


Of Mice and Cheese: Research with Non-equivalent Groups

Last week’s blog focused on the strongest types of evidence that you might find when trying to solve a clinical problem. These are: #1 Systematic reviews, Meta-analyses, or Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines based on systematic review of RCTs; & #2 Randomized controlled trials. 298 more words

Evidence Based Practice

Research patient

Ever since I had my stroke, I have been offering myself as a guinea pig for scientific research. From day 1 I have given blood to analyze and been a test patient for students. 715 more words

sometimes i re-read a paper and remember how nice a sentence or paragraph was (especially when thinking that a benevolent or benign dictator might make research so much easier, as though easy was the main goal of research). 173 more words

Second-order Deception in Psychological Research Design

Deception, refers to the act of being untruthful, duplicitous, or by lying to another person. In general, this is negatively perceived. In the realm of Psychology, however, potentially internally valid data relies on the use of deception. 708 more words

thinking about stakeholder risk and accountability in pilot experiments

this post is also cross-posted here in slightly modified form.

since i keep circling around issues related to my dissertation in this blog, i decided it was time to start writing about some of that work. 1,189 more words


Study Design II: Physics Research

I’m going to give a specific example of an actual design from an actual study in moral psychology research in part III, but I thought that, both for continuity’s sake and to emphasize the fact that there is no The Scientific Method, I’d say a bit about research designs in a totally different set of fields. 484 more words

Research Methods