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(11) Writing and Research Design

The question is what is the question.

Should I conduct semi-structured interviews? Do we need an experiment? Would a mixed-methods approach be more appropriate than a (mainly) qualitative or quantitative approach? 786 more words


Ford To Revamp Dearborn Campus and World Headquarters

  • Ford begins a 10-year transformation of its more than 60-year-old Dearborn facilities to colocate 30,000 employees from 70 buildings into primarily two campus locations
  • Centralized campus will support Ford’s plan to be an auto and mobility company; new facilities to further drive innovation and collaboration in every part of its business…
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No Lights? No Problem!

  • Ford tests Fusion Hybrid autonomous research vehicles at night, in complete darkness, as part of LiDAR sensor development – demonstrating the capability to perform beyond the limits of human drivers…
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Qualitative Analysis: The Biggest Obstacle to Enriching Survey Outcomes

Analysis is probably the biggest obstacle to the broader utilization of qualitative research methods.  Other aspects of qualitative research – such as data collection (which is discussed at length throughout… 799 more words

Research Design & Methods

Sampling Protocols: How do I know that my sample represents the actual population?

Sampling is a very important consideration for all types of data collection.  For audience research and summative evaluations in particular, it is important that the sample from which data is collected represents the actual population.  566 more words

ipsative measure


“To create an overall orientation toward control/autonomy, the averages of the four orientation were combined algebraically by weighing the highly controlling score with -2, moderately controlling with -1, moderately informational with +1, and highly informational with +2. 656 more words