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Module 4 - Map and Physical Data

Digital Variations


I wasn’t sure which placement of the key and title to use, so I decided to include 3 for feedback/more time to mull it over. 60 more words

Research Design

"What was the question, again?" Hypothesis vs. Research question

What is the difference between a hypothesis and a research question?  I suppose some will ask: “Why should I care?”  

The answer is that knowing the difference is a clue to how strong the research findings are.  302 more words

Evidence Based Nursing

Module 3 - Data Visualization

“Life Satisfaction”

To see my data set go to nationmaster.

Digital Variations

I decided to show the top and bottom 7 countries from the list in two completely different ways. 58 more words

Research Design


Last article about theorising international society is converge. Meriam Webster define converge as verb that to tend to a common result. Is it true? I will use transboundary haze pollution as the case study. 765 more words


Module 2 - How To Poster

Digital Variations

(I decided to try editing this version to add more space to the side images, I think it is more successful this way.) 9 more words

Research Design

Week 4 Article Annotation

Hoepfl, M (1997) Choosing qualitative research: A primer for technology education researchers. Journal of Technology Education. 9(1) p. 47-63.

The ongoing debate of qualitative vs. quantitative research approach is again revisited in this article by Marie Hoepfl.  484 more words