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Educational Research Design: Information Searching

Today we discussed how to refine our research topic and narrow it down. It is a very difficult task but it is important to focus on a specific aspect to get specific results. 430 more words

Year 1

Educational Research Design: Finding a topic

Today’s class was about research and how to do it properly. We discussed what is good research, what is bad research and what are the main steps in educational research design. 865 more words

Year 1

Audit Studies -- The Book

There’s a new book edited by S. Michael Gaddis on audit studies. The subtitle promises to go behind the scenes with theory, method, and nuance — and this is what the book provides. 648 more words

Didier Ruedin

Medicine for People

Medicine packaging and medicine advertising have been victimized by poor design and marketing campaigns that can create dangerous misunderstandings. This project will allow the target audience to help make proper design decisions based on user testing and interviews. 250 more words

Student Project

Research design

This research clarifies the motives by which people would be willing to attend a music event at the Musiekgieterij. The primary focus is on the impact of crossing a border since this might help our client to establish an advertising strategy for the future. 320 more words

Research Design

What IS research!!??

WHAT IS RESEARCH?   Take < three minutes to check out:  .  Listen for what research is and 2 basic ways to approach the answers… 38 more words

Reading Research