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Evaluations Need to be Controlled

A few weeks ago, I reviewed a pilot study for a health promotion campaign. The set-up was pretty simple. Five images were created to inform the population about the dangers of engaging in this specific health behavior. 691 more words

A Song of Grants and Ire

So you’ve settled on a set of texts, documents, or objects that you’d like to spend some hands-on time with: congrats! You even know where these things are—great! 2,310 more words

Research Design

Use the following structure and address all elements of this design template:

  • Explain a key issue in Homeland Security and Emergency Management and develop a supporting research question.
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Raiders of the Lost Archive! A Series...

Background: I recently won a generous grant from the American Scandinavian Foundation to do Manuscript work at the University of Copenhagen’s Arnamagnaean Institute! I’ll be there for most of the summer, learning by trial and error (and the kind support of the Arnamagnaean staff, who have already been insanely welcoming). 1,434 more words

What is the optimal investment in quantitative skills?

As I plan out my summer plans I am debating how to allocate my time in skill investment. The general advice I have gotten is to increase my quantitative skills and pick up as much about coding as possible. 186 more words


Launching New Business

Launching Research and Education Consultancy

Welcome to DCW Consultancy.  We offer a personalised service led by Dr Danielle White in collaboration with research, education and marketing professionals. 97 more words

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Research Design

Beyond the broad approaches of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, there are many research designs. While the broader research approach decision is often based on what you want to know, the research design informs how you will get it. 153 more words

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