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The first step in critical appraisal - deciding what design your research study uses.

Critical appraisal has been made much easier by the development of tools that guide you through the process of what aspects of the research study you should be evaluating.  628 more words

Longitudinal research method

Talking about longitudinal (and cross-sectional) study, we talk about the time aspect. It is usually done in survey and/or observational research. There are three types of longitudinal methods based on its topic/focus, sample and population namely trend, panel, and cohort. 127 more words


10 ways in which Fine Grain will improve your research

1. Scoping

Time well spent investigating the background to the topic you wish to research and helping you to understand what would be the most effective way to proceed… 300 more words

Social Research

Lé Design

In doing something, have you ever ponder to the fact that there is some strategy needed or any plan you have to have that will serve as guide for you? 150 more words

Day 64: Asking the Right Research Question

Last week I discussed how a train is the perfect metaphor for organizing research projects – and ultimately, what led me to complete my dissertation proposal. 391 more words

100 Day Challenge

Authoring a PhD Thesis: How to Plan, Draft, Write and Finish a Doctoral Dissertation - Patrick Dunleavy

Part of the positive help that comes from exposing your text to a fairly wide range of commentators, from family or partners to supervisors, fellow students and wider seminar audiences, is that it can help counteract the development of disabling private standards of criticism.

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