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"That is so random!" But is it Representative?

What makes a good sample in research?  One thing.  And it isn’t random selection.  (Surprised?)

It is representativeness.  No matter how the sample was picked, it must be… 472 more words

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Class 2: Research Design and Confirmation Bias

Assignments for Class 2 Overview

1. Read description of confirmation bias and optionally the article on confirmation bias (5-10 minutes)
2. Journal Reflection on Confirmation Bias (5-10 minutes) 266 more words

Research Design

thinking more about using personas/personae in developing theories of change

i have previously advocated, here (and here), for taking a ‘persona’ or character-based approach to fleshing out a theory of change. this is a way of involving a variety of stakeholders (especially those closer to the ground, such as intended beneficiaries and street-level implementers) in discussions about program and theory of change development — even when they are not physically at the table, which is not always possible (though encouraged, of course). 712 more words


back to basics -- trusting whether and how the data are collected and coded

this is a tangential response to the lacour and #lacourgate hubbub (with hats off to the summaries and views given here and here). while he is not implicated in all of the comments, below, i am mostly certainly indebted to mike frick for planting the seed of some of the ideas presented below, particularly on member-checking (hopefully our under-review paper on the same will be out sometime in the future…). 1,422 more words


thinking about building evaluation ownership, theories of change -- back from canadian evaluation society

this week i had the pleasure of attending the canadian evaluation society (#EvalC2015) meeting in montreal, which brought together a genuinely nice group of people thinking not just hard a-boot evaluation strategies and methodologies but also how evaluation can contribute to better and more transparent governance, improving our experience as global and national citizens — that is, evaluation as a political (and even social justice) as much as a technical act. 1,258 more words


Listen to the Latest Podcast from Journal of Management!

In the latest podcast from Journal of Management, Fred Oswald, Associate Editor of Journal of Management interviews Gerd Gigerenzer about his article co-authored with Julian N. 354 more words


"What it is." - a primer on descriptive studies

What is a “single descriptive or qualitative study”?

A single descriptive or qualitative study is a study in which the researcher watches and listens, then… 287 more words

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