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Restoring resilience: Can restoring coasts with ecosystem-based solutions protect social-ecological systems from the impacts of climate change?

By Anni Brumby

Victoria University of Wellington


The destruction of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005 (Photo 1), extreme flooding on the east coast of Australia in 2007, and last year, my local train station in Porirua completely underwater. 1,805 more words

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We are living in the age where human beings are now the most advanced, educated and aware than we have ever been. These features have led us to fight for all the inequalities and all the cases of injustice that have been restricting our progress. 1,625 more words

Wide Asleep - Research Essay

So this is a research essay for a game-for-change game, I had to design during my Game Design Course. I decided upon a sleeping app that added gamelike elements to promote better sleeping habits and alert users of potential health risks associated with poor sleep. 613 more words

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The Great Gatsby Introduction and Synthesis Paper

I am eternally grateful to my high school English teacher for teaching me how to write a synthesis essay and for teaching me how to research. 746 more words

11th American Lit

A Conversation on Captivity

In March I visited the San Francisco Zoo’s polar bear exhibit. The bear was not visible when I arrived, but after a few seconds she emerged from behind a rock wall in her habitat. 571 more words

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Violence Against Immigrant Women

The public awareness in the United States of violence against women who immigrate from Mexico and Central America is virtually non-existent due to the socio-historical patriarchal hierarchy that dictates American society. 540 more words

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The Oppression Myth

The media representation of Muslim women in the United States post 9/11 is, simply put, that of victim. A cartoon sketch in black and gray depicts a Muslim woman’s head covering, but instead of where a human face should have been drawn there are a set of three, thick and round prison bars. 1,110 more words

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