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Moving Towards an Inclusive Restoration Model: The Crumbling of a Paradox

By Jake Tessler

Wilderness is untouched and untamed.  Wilderness is romantic and remote.   Wilderness exists outside of our sphere of influence, and must continue to do so in order to thrive.  1,029 more words

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Kama’āina for Conservation: Hawaiian Biodiversity Surveys and Citizen Science

By Jason Preble

The Hawaiian archipelago is home to some 1,400 native vascular plant species, nearly 90% of which are endemic and half of which are threatened (Wagner 1999, Imada 2012). 1,209 more words

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かわいい(そう)!Final Essay

“Waaaaaa, Kawaii!!!!” two girls rush toward a larger-than-life Hello Kitty in a mall of Tokyo.  I giggle after realizing I had looked that ridiculous doing the exact same thing.   2,004 more words


Weekly Update for 5-11

Hello students,

Welcome to another wonderful week. Here are some things to keep in mind this week…

  • You will be taking NWEA state testing in Learning Center.
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Keeping the Wild at Distance - The Reestablishment of a Swedish Wolf Population Polarizing Society

by Hannes Öckerman


Previously locally extinct, the wolf has reestablished itself in Sweden in the past decades. Had this species been a bumblebee or a fungus, it would probably not have been given much attention. 1,425 more words

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Friend or foe? Madagascar Turtle Doves (Nesoenas picturatus) on Mauritius

Johannes Fischer

Mauritius has suffered a severe reduction of its native flora and fauna, with several bird species driven to extinction, including the world famous Dodo ( 925 more words

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A Statement of Purpose

Hi there! My name is Mollee. As a counselor-to-be, mental health awareness is incredibly important to me. Recent events such as Robin Williams’ suicide and the murder-suicide committed by the Germanwings co-pilot have brought mental health issues into the public’s awareness. 173 more words

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