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Direct Citation Example

This can be used as an example for the ENG 1002 Poetry essay or Research essay.

Topic sentence of body paragraph. 1-3 sentences that set-up or build the paragraph’s claim. 219 more words

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Research Essay: Ideas and Discussion


Achievements or trophies are rewarded to players when they complete a certain task. Some of these are related to the games narrative and some are completely random, and also changes depending on the type of game. 344 more words

Impatiently Waiting

So far 3 out of 4 teachers have turned final grades in and I am very impatiently awaiting the 4th one to get his in. Have 2 B’s and 1 A so far. 726 more words

Looking at how artists use Instagram to curate their work, is this an art form?: Karen Nicol

For my own research and to inform my writing, such as essays, I decided to look at the tool of Instagram.  Is it simply a way to advertise yourself as an artist, or is there more to it, can the Instagram post become an expressive form of art in itself? 858 more words

Assignment Four

Confinement or Conservation? The role zoos play in the conservation movement

The popularity of zoological institutions has been steadily declining in recent years, as public perception and approval of keeping animals in captivity decreases (Whitworth, 2012). This has lead to an evolution in the role of zoos, with many zoos moving away from strictly entertainment based businesses towards a more conservation focused, globally connected industry (Barongi et al., 2015). 835 more words

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Commonly Used Library Databases

Depending on the ENG 1002 learning module you’re working in, you’ll need to use one or more library database articles for your formal essay assignment. … 64 more words

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Kakapo conservation - grasping at straws or crowdfunding conservation icon?

By Hannah Graham-Cox

The ever-increasing human population is pushing more and more species towards the brink of extinction. With over 600 endangered species, New Zealand is struggling to prioritise ever decreasing funds from a stretched Department of Conservation (Kirk, 2015). 2,996 more words

Research Essay