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Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria and How We Encounter Them

According to longtime documentary filmaker David Hoffman, every year millions of people get sick and many thousands die from antibiotic-resistant infections—infections that no longer respond to antibiotic treatment. 1,085 more words


Two Months After Pope Francis' Visit in the Philippines

The visit of Pope Francis in our country was truly a blessing for us Filipinos. Since his arrival, I was so excited while watching on the TV screen capturing thousands of people lined up along the streets waiting to see the Pope. 792 more words


Save the Environment!

Okay. So, I found this poem I made awhile back when I was grade 7.

I find it really annoying that people really don’t care about the Earth now, and they wouldn’t even have the responsibility to throw their trash in the proper bins. 222 more words


The 3rd Laguna Blogging Summit (#3LaBS)

What is a digital influencer to you? This question was in my head the whole time we were riding to Laguna. Being invited to attend a blogging summit for the first time made me wonder what they would do there. 225 more words


Why the academic world needs blogs: A personal account

Filling a niche that academia ignores
Before I went to graduate school, I spent some three years working for a series of daily newspapers. I was only 22 years old when I started, and I loved the work. 999 more words

Researchers' Corner

Mind/body integration through Mindfulness Meditation (research study)

He was alive to every new scene, joyful when he saw the beauties of the setting sun, and happy when he beheld it rise and recommence a new day. 1,733 more words


So close to the new year--I cant wait!

I am on some kind of role! How many posts is this in almost consecutive days? Rough day on the food! I did good on the dairy but bad on everything else ha-ha! 282 more words