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Tarantino as an author in Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained

How, why and in what senses can Quentin Tarantino be regarded as the ‘author’ of a film with reference to Inglourious Basterds (2009) and Django Unchained (2012)? 2,029 more words

Popular Cinema

Forming Left Populism!

In 1979 French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard inaugurated the postmodern age with his publication The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge. He argued that the ‘loss of meaning in postmodernity boils down to mourning the fact that knowledge is no longer principally narrative.’ 3,938 more words

The Myth of Race

Races, as natural divisions of the human species, are
rather like angles. Many people believe in them, devoutly.
They can even tell you what properties they have.
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Masters in Interpreting and Translating at the University of Bath, 2014-2015

An interview at the University of Bath kicked off my experience as a student on the Masters in Interpreting and Translating (MAIT). I had two interviews (one for each of my working languages, French and Spanish): the interviews involved on-sight translation, memory exercises, discussions on current events in France and Spain and a general interview. 937 more words


I'm a Conservative Student and My Hypersensitive Peers Terrify Me

As millennials, having grown up coddled and protected, reach the age of college, career, and parenthood, it is more apparent than ever that the emotional hypersensitivity of generation Y is detrimental to all. 1,688 more words

Denouncing the Dress Code Debate

When I was a junior, our school’s AC was constantly on the fritz. So when summer rolled around and the dry Colorado heat set in, I responded by gulping down water, packing on antiperspirant, throwing my hair in pony tails, and wearing outfits that showed a little more than I was used to. 1,355 more words

BCM310 Research Essay: The Hidden Positive Truth of Selfies

Selfies are photos of the self that are frequently created and shared globally on social media websites such as: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Taking selfies are much more popular than regular photos it seems, as they allow celebrities and ordinary folk alike to post images to convey who they are. 2,993 more words