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Free Online Research Ethics Resources

Are you grappling with research ethics? If so, fear not, for there are numerous free resources online to help you. Here are some examples.

Ethical codes and guidelines… 867 more words

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Research Source Sheet - Helping students record research quickly and ethically

As a high school English teacher, I spend a lot of time grading essays. A lot. An eternity, really… But the hardest papers to grade, and to teach, are definitely research papers. 649 more words


The need for improved integrity in animal research

I will let these articles published in the BMJ speak for themselves. They focus on an improved need for research integrity, communication and evidence from animal research before taking the leap to application on humans. 98 more words


What I mean by client confidentiality

Here’s a little story.

Once upon a time I did a piece of work for a charity of which my husband was a Director on the Board, although I was commissioned by a Manager at the charity.  332 more words

史丹福監獄實驗 Stanford Prison Experiment (1971)

國際著名心理學家 Philip Zimbardo教授 對獄卒同囚犯喺監獄入面經常出現嘅暴力行為非常感興趣,究竟係因為人本身嘅性格導致呢啲行為,定係因為監倉嘅環境同角色嘅需要而致呢?

1971年嘅暑假,Zimbardo教授 喺美國史丹福大學進行進行咗一個極具爭議性嘅實驗。首先,佢將大學心理學大樓嘅底層改裝成為非常像真嘅「監獄」,並喺大學公開招募參加者,邀請佢地分別扮演獄卒及囚犯。篩選後,共有10位扮演囚犯,11位扮演獄卒。為咗加強逼真程度,扮演囚犯嘅參加者喺毫無預知嘅情況下,被人從屋企押送到「監獄」,並進行一連串入獄手續。而獄卒亦都換上制服,整裝待發。實驗正式開始,獄卒比較快就可以投入角色,開始騷擾囚犯,向佢地使用權力。而囚犯們亦漸漸開始作出一啲反抗行為,有幾名囚犯更嚇到有精神錯亂嘅狀態。原定進行兩個星期嘅實驗,最終喺進行六日就被叫停。

Zimbardo教授 認為人會好容易去迎合社會角色(social roles),如果嗰種社會角色嘅形象越深入民心,人就會越容易代入。就以呢個實驗為例,喺大眾嘅心目中,獄卒嘅行為係比較暴力,而當一批原先喺實驗前無暴力傾向嘅參加者,因為入到去「監獄」呢個環境,都變得比較暴力。Zimbardo教授 總結:「人嘅行為好多時都係因為環境及情境(situational)所影響,未必一定係人本身嘅性格特徵(dispositional)所致。」

2015年,呢個實驗亦都被拍成電影《史丹福監獄實驗 The Experiment》,重現實驗嘅過程,並喺多個國家上映。


延伸閱讀:歸因理論(Attribution Theory)https://www.thenewslens.com/article/58916



On the ethics of suicide research

Recently I read an article about the ethics in historical research written by Riikka Miettinen (2017). In her earlier studies, she has concentrated on the history of suicide in seventeenth-century Sweden (Miettinen 2015), and in the article, she discusses ethical aspects of suicide research. 1,979 more words

History Of Suicide