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Two-way mirrors, hidden observers: welcome to the Department for Work and Pensions laboratory

I regularly write to raise concerns about the current government’s misuse of psychology in public policies and research. There has been a shift towards the formulation of targeted, prejudiced, class contingent policies which have the central aim of “changing behaviours.” This neo-behaviourist approach has some profound implications for democracy. 2,291 more words

Human Rights

Stakholder involvement and the case of Hidden Design

The first output from our project was published yesterday. Dr. Auke Pols published a paper titled:

‘May Stakeholders be Involved in Design Without Informed Consent? The Case of Hidden Design’ 258 more words


Identifying individuals while protecting privacy

Research ethics is complex and requires considering issues from several perspectives simultaneously. I’ve written about the temptation to reduce research ethics to pure protection ethics… 775 more words

In The Research Debate

Race and Health Data: Too Much Information?

Channel News Asia and the Institute of Policy Studies have released the results of a survey concerning race relations in Singapore.  The survey has been getting… 807 more words

Clinical Ethics

I’m recording you now

When I conduct depth interviews I always make an audio recording of the conversation because:

  • It gives me a record of the session
  • It helps me with analysis as I can either have it transcribed or listen back to it multiple times…
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Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science

The Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science is a repository of resources designed to help scientists and engineers understand the ethical implications of various technologies and scientific advancements. 44 more words


Ethics and professionalism

As students we don’t always realize what it’s meant to be a professional. During clinical rotations we see the way the clinicians handle themselves and we try to mimic that. 365 more words

Research Ethics