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Should editors get a CLUE? Who should investigate Questionable Research Practices? Is Chinese research seriously sullied by misconduct? How to solve publishing's wicked challenges? Pro-predatory P&T committees?


  • Liz Wager and others posted the CLUE (Cooperation And Liaison Between Universities And Editors) guidelines on the preprint server biorxiv, regarding how journals and institutions should work together in alleged research misconduct cases.
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Why do researchers commit research misconduct? Should you publish a paper withdrawn (maybe) from a predatory journal? Should an editor also be a researcher? Researcher and reviewer gender gaps


Clinical trial registration and negative results

A study in BMJ tests the hypothesis that clinical trial registration should improve trial reporting and therefore increase the number of trials that do not report positive outcomes.  947 more words


Organ transplant research – How do we decide? The case of liver transplant for patients with colorectal cancer that has spread into the liver and cannot be surgically removed

Donor organs are a ‘scarce resource’ in SA.  Thousands of people wait for transplants.  Only 1/5 might receive them.  The rest of these patients die.  Research that proposes to make use of limited donor organs for experimental treatments needs to be carefully justified.  561 more words

South Africa

Good Research Ethics Will Make You A Better Scientist

Besides a handful online classes, I have never taken a formal class in research ethics. And I think that’s a serious bummer. I believe graduate schools should offer formal classes in research ethics, especially students pursuing a… 908 more words


Science Policy Around the Web - June 27, 2017

By: Sarah Hawes, PhD


An Arms Race with Nature

H7N9, a new bird flu emerging in China, has infected roughly 1,500 people and killed 40% of them. 695 more words


Eugenics & Ethics

“The selection of desired heritable characteristics in order to improve future generations, typically in reference to humans” (Wilson, 2017). This bold statement grasps one’s attention. Everyone wants to make a change and teach their children to be better human beings, especially from experiences of what not to do. 1,655 more words

Solve your getting-research-participants problem in one easy step with the medium of VIDEO GAMES. Possibly even ethical, who can really say!

The issue:

Gathering data for scientific studies can be difficult. So why not tap into the world of VIDEO GAMES to conduct experiments on willing participants for no additional monetary cost! 479 more words