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Ethics in Research

Actual true story…

One of my friends who works in medical research has just been forced to retract a number of published journal articles due to what turned out to be a major violation of her university’s ethics policy. 322 more words


Why do scientists commit fraud?

The Guardian has a great feature on the recent Stap stem cell fraud committed this past year. If you are interested in stem cell research or research ethics in general, it is worth a read. 245 more words

In The News

Ethics Committee, Where's Your Ethics?

I’m feeling like a proper research student now. I’ve had the teething problems, the IT problems, the teaching problems, the practical problems, the mental problems, the office-space problems, the research project problems…but I’ve also solved some things. 223 more words

Bioethics behind the facade: research and new thinking

The finished result easily becomes a picture of the process of achieving it. For example: We hear a Beethoven symphony and think that the genius had this magnificent composition in his head. 469 more words

In The Research Debate

How Low Can It Go?

Field researchers like to talk about the joys of “getting your hands dirty” by immersing yourself in the ongoing social life of a community.  But I’ll bet many researchers would balk at climbing down into sewers to collect their data! 108 more words

Chapter 1

Rigorous Evidence Should Inform Spending

Ron Haskins began the new year on a positive note.  The co-director of the Center on Children and Families at the Brookings Institution, Haskins reports that “a growing body of evidence shows that a few model social programs” work, and that “the Obama administration, building on work by the Bush administration, has insisted that money for evidence-based initiatives go primarily to programs with rigorous evidence of success as measured by scientifically designed evaluation.” 170 more words


From the archives--Dunn and Milloy on junk EPA research and researcher whores, 2012

Well we found out from EPA officials when we were litigating the question of unethical human exposure experiments in a Virginia Federal Court 2 years ago, that 10 US medical schools were doing human exposure experiments with air pollutants. 3,342 more words