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Why I think it is important that research is ‘politically correct’

Absolutely no question, I’ve casually insulted every minority going at some point.  I’ve been racist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic.  I’ve insulted disabled people and people with mental illness and neuro divergent people and homeless people and travelling communities and people from economically deprived backgrounds.  1,022 more words

Payment as Coercion: Researchers Versus Research Participants

In the world of medical research, ethicists say it is unethical to pay a substantial amount of money to research participants. If you give a hefty sum for participation, people might sign up for risky research that they would otherwise avoid, so they can only receive minimal compensation for their time. 263 more words


Recent ethical challenges in social network analysis (RECSNA17)

Research on social networks is experiencing unprecedented growth, fuelled by the consolidation of network science and the increasing availability of data from digital networking platforms. However, it raises formidable ethical issues that often fall outside existing regulations and guidelines. 256 more words

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10 ways in which Fine Grain will improve your research

1. Scoping

Time well spent investigating the background to the topic you wish to research and helping you to understand what would be the most effective way to proceed… 300 more words

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An Animal Bioethicist in Seattle

Andrew Fenton voices concerns about invisible unnecessary harm to non-human animals and a cost of ethical inconsistency. 807 more words

Research Ethics

How to evaluate excellence in arts-based research

This article first appeared in Funding Insight on 19 May 2016 and is reproduced with kind permission of Research Professional. For more articles like this, visit… 906 more words

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Here we go again!

Hello child lifers! I have been – as always – crazy busy and I just realized I hadn’t given you all an update on this most awesome thing that is happening!! 607 more words

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