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The Future Of Insights Project is HERE

We’ve been looking forward to posting this one! Last year we did some work with the World Federation of Advertisers on a very juicy topic – the future of the insights business. 289 more words


I keep saying ‘we’

Before I was self employed I had a career history comprising four jobs: always working as a research consultant, always acting ‘as’ part of a wider organisation. 593 more words

I welcome small research budgets

Back in the day I managed the research department of a charity, and I was always seeing interesting tendering opportunities in the third sector coming and going because we could not afford to bid for them.  340 more words

The DIY of self employment

People sometimes ask me about running my own business, and what it is like doing all of the extra tasks that being self employed entails. 487 more words

Getting a sole trader bargain

There are many benefits of employing a large multinational research agency to undertake your research projects and having worked for two myself I’d be more than happy to recommend them.  173 more words

About competitive tendering for research contract work

People often ask me how I go about finding research contract work as a research consultant.

Sometimes I find research contract work through my networks – I’ll meet someone and they will have a need for some research, or they will recommend me to someone they know who needs some research. 403 more words

Is Surveymonkey the new Hoover?

Just a quick observation really, no particular opinion or judgement.

Lately I’ve noticed people (well, those for whom research is not their full time job) using the brand name ‘Surveymonkey’ where previously they might just have used the word ‘survey’. 95 more words