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Lies, damn lies and Bigfoot

By Richard Smith.
Director of Qualitative Research at BDRC Continental.

Lurking in the shadows and the worst nightmares of market researchers across the world is the monster which we call Big Data. 1,123 more words

BDRC Continental

So who’s taking the decisions round here? System 1 or System 2?

By Tony Wornell.
Director, Financial and B2B sector research at BDRC Continental.

Behavioural economics has moved centre stage since the financial meltdown of 2007/8. 607 more words


Market Research Love on Youtube

With thanks to Laetitia Smith I happened upon a very special Youtube video called Market Research Love – three guys who have written and performed a song about why they love the market research industry. 52 more words

How can you be sure I’m not making up data?

I was once teaching a class on research methods, and a student asked me how they could be sure I wasn’t just making up the findings.  921 more words