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"Wearing your heart on your sleeve"

As I’m kind of narrowing down my focus on what my research project might potentially be, this phrase keeps getting stuck in my head- “wearing your heart on your sleeve”. 399 more words

Possible Ideas

Body Temperature and Emotion

One thing I’ve been thinking about is how to go about visualizing changes in body temperature. Not only does this fall in line with my general theme of sensory system translation, but a step further, changes in body temperature can indicate changes in mood/emotion (just think mood rings). 239 more words

Possible Ideas

Areas of Interest and Research Possibilities

A good deal of my work as of late has been related to my overall interest in neuroscience. I’m really fascinated by how the brain works and processes information, and how that information processing can be effected by different internal and external variables. 648 more words

Possible Ideas


Welcome to my newly (re)established blog.

This blog will mainly reflect my research interests: rare books & Special Collections, medieval religious and intellectual history, medieval manuscripts (paleography & codicology), and perhaps some reflections on the various languages I am studying. 17 more words

About Me

Chemical tools to measure climates of the past.

Chemical fossils are molecular components that carry information on the environment in which they were produced, sometimes millions of years ago. They are chemical compounds, produced by micro-organisms (Archaea, Bacteria, Fungi) and unicellular (algae for instance) and multi-cellular (plants, animals) eukaryotic organisms. 547 more words


My Research Interests

Given my degree-history, starting in Psychology, and moving on to Business School/Information Science, you could say that I have quite a broad field of interests, creating an extended framework for multidisciplinary research. 243 more words


Research Interests

  • Tremor Generation
  • Eruption Forecasting
  • Array seismology
  • Physics of volcanoes
  • Wavefield studies
  • Time series analysis
  • Volcanology/ Geology
Research Interests