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There are bright spots among the world’s coral reefs – the challenge is to learn from them

Despite substantial conservation efforts, human impacts are harming coral reefs all over the world. That in turn affects the millions of people who depend on reefs for their livelihoods. 899 more words


Cloning breakthrough: Dolly the sheep has sister clones and they’re healthy

On the topic of famous farm animals, a few come to mind: Babe the pig, Old Yeller, Mr. Ed, and the cast of Charlotte’s Web. Many of us grew up with these fictional characters and hold them near and dear to our heart, but what about real, living farm animals? 924 more words

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Ten things you should do before you come to DCU this September.

  1. DCU will host an orientation week commencing 12th September.  All incoming students are expected to attend – check out the appropriate orientation schedule -Erasmus, Study Abroad/JYA, Full Undergraduate or Postgraduate by visiting  our Orientation Information pages – visit 
  2. 226 more words
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Neuroscientists identify new areas in brain

One of the most important vision of current medical science is to understand neurobiology of human brain. The 2 greatest initiatives are the Human brain project… 583 more words


NZ: Massey-hosted food safety partnership awarded $1.25M

Scoop: A new partnership involving nine New Zealand research organisations has been awarded $1.25 million in funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The New Zealand-China Food Protection Network (NZ-CFPN) will enhance communication between research scientists, government organisations and industries here and in China. 34 more words


TG Group attend Supramolecular Chemistry Ireland Symposium in NUI Maynooth

The Gunnlaugsson Group attended the Supramolecular Chemistry Ireland half-day symposium in NUI Maynooth carefully organised to great effect by Dr. Rob Elmes, who obtained his PhD from under Thorri’s supervision and who’s now a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at the university. 145 more words

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En route to MOF-based electronic devices

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are a special type of porous polymers made up of metal nodes linked to organic struts. As their numerous pores offer to house guest molecules, MOFs have found applications in gas storage, separation, and catalysis. 341 more words

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