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A Science Introduction

As a scientist, I don’t feel I have introduced myself properly to the world unless I have gone on a bit about my work. In particular, I am very fond of my PhD work, which was a labor of love, sweat and tears. 543 more words

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One of my resources that I will use with my article on mental health at GMU will be from NYU’s website on mental health and depression. 549 more words

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From Fortune Magazine to the Fuhrer (1929-1939) Color Palettes and Visual Themes

House Interior Color Palettes

With the rise and influences of the Bauhaus, all design became very simple during the 1930s as the Bauhaus preferred functionality over ornately complicated designs. 225 more words

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From Color Theory to Cool Type (1919-1930) Notable Designers and Seminal Works

Herbert Bayer

There were many artists during this time period, but I’ve decided to focus on Herbert Bayer specifically who I think has a great depth of amazing work. 282 more words

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Research #10: User Choice

This video is just one of the examples of an expert claiming that marijuana could not only be used to help NFL athlete cope with injuries, but that is may even be able to help the healing process. 8 more words

From Band-Aids to Bird's-Eye (1920-1930) Literature and Typography


Reading became very popular in the 1920s as more people started learning how to read, especially during the winter seasons when all activity was very limited. 303 more words

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Research #9: User Choice

This article does a great job of illustrating the issues with the NFL’s marijuana policy. The rolling stones magazine is also a reliable source that many across the country trust which is why I felt it was appropriate to include this article here. 7 more words