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Research on Sanctuary Cities

Rose Cuison Villazor is a Professor of Law at UC Davis Law School. Her article titled, “Sanctuary Cities and Local Citizenship” was published in the Fordham Urban Law Journal. 161 more words

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[Framework Review] Real-time large-scale dense RGB-D SLAM with volumetric fusion

T. Whelan, M. Kaess, H. Johannsson, M. Fallon, J. J. Leonard, and J. McDonald, “Real-time large-scale dense RGB-D SLAM with volumetric fusion,” Int. J. Rob. Res. 22 more words


A Science Introduction

As a scientist, I don’t feel I have introduced myself properly to the world unless I have gone on a bit about my work. In particular, I am very fond of my PhD work, which was a labor of love, sweat and tears. 543 more words

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One of my resources that I will use with my article on mental health at GMU will be from NYU’s website on mental health and depression. 549 more words

Research Posts

From Fortune Magazine to the Fuhrer (1929-1939) Color Palettes and Visual Themes

House Interior Color Palettes

With the rise and influences of the Bauhaus, all design became very simple during the 1930s as the Bauhaus preferred functionality over ornately complicated designs. 225 more words

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