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Research Post 5

This article was written by Daniel Douglas-Gabrielle for the Washington Post. Hillary Clinton, as part of her 2016 presidential campaign, presented an optimistic education plan that would eliminate tuition costs at public universities for households earning up to $125,000. 187 more words

Research Post 4

This is an article from NerdWallet written by Brianna McGurran. It describes four primary programs to get federal student loan forgiveness that will cancel or reduce the amount of money a student owes. 206 more words

"A 19-year-old undocumented student — authorized to be in the US — was detained and then let go by federal agents"

This article is about Josue Romero, a 19-year-old boy from Honduras getting arrested for possession of marijuana and being detained because he was undocumented but he has DACA so he should not have been detained. 291 more words

Research Posts

"College 'dreamers' are unrelenting in fight for immigration reform"

This is a article tells the reader how some of the Mason Dreamers has impacted students lives. It talks about how Ana Tobar, Martha Zavala Perez, and Rodrigo Velasquez have changed the lives of other undocumented students through all the challenges of their own undocumented lives. 274 more words

Research Posts

Donors & Funding- Research Post 4

“Billionaire’s Role In Hiring Decisions At Florida State University Raises Questions” – Tampa Bay Times

I chose this article to use for my project on Donors and Funding at George Mason University for it’s information on the Koch Brothers. 130 more words

Research Posts

Research Blog Post #5

For my fifth and final research blog post, I focused on the repayment of federal student aids. More specifically, I discovered the Repayment Estimator on the StudentLoans.gov website. 141 more words