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Participants needed: A pilot study into the determinants of behaviour change in alcohol use disorder.

Queen Mary University is looking for people with problematic drinking who are currently trying to stop drinking, but unable to do so.

A pilot study into the determinants of behaviour change in alcohol use disorder. 610 more words


Em presento als XVI Premis Ramon Llull

Com cada any, la Universitat Ramon Llull convoca la 16a edició dels Premis Ramon Llull a Treballs de Recerca de Batxillerat amb l’objectiu de fomentar l’esperit de recerca, desvetllar vocacions per a l’estudi i la investigació i incentivar la tasca educativa que es porta a terme als centres escolars. 78 more words


Post-conference update

I am about three weeks later than promised with this post! I can only apologise and blame it on the busyness of the height of Burns season (lesson learned – promise nothing in January!) 1,194 more words

Research Project

Snow in the trenches, the harsh winter of 1916/1917

After the iconic images from the Trenches of soldiers wading through mud then next most common images are of snow covered battlefields. After listening to historian Steve Smith dispel myths and show how we can’t always trust photographs I decided to do some research in to this and see if it was snowy on the Western Front or if these images are actually of the Eastern and Balkan lines. 1,464 more words

Research Project

The Greatest and Most Inspirational Welsh Landscape Artist Ever - Sir Kyffin Williams

This is the man who inspires me most in painting my Welsh landscapes:

Sir Kyffin Williams was born in Llangefni 1n 1918. He went to prep school on Anglesey before moving to Shrewsbury School. 202 more words

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Victoria Cave, Near Langcliffe, North Yorkshire.

Continuing my Cave Man research, over the weekend of 4th and 5th of February, 2017, I visited Langcliffe in North Yorkshire (a place where my partners grandparents lived – I don’t mean in the cave !!!!). 295 more words

Independent Research

What is "Sight Sense", that I Promote?

Art Beyond Sight   // Sensored

17th March-1st May

Art Exhibitions are usually a visual experience. But as humans we understand the world by combining what we receive from all five senses. 217 more words

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