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#becomingeducational W9: Getting down to the Research Proposal

This week’s session was particularly intense – after a brief re-exploration of pedagogy, androgogy and heutagogy as respectively the science of educating the young, the adult and the self, we got down to writing. 284 more words

For one night only!

A Medievalist, a Romanticist, a Modernist and a photographer walk into a bar together.

It sounds like the start of some really bad academic joke. It could have been. 573 more words

Research Project

What's the point?

Don’t worry! The long gap since the last post isn’t because I’ve fallen into the depths of research despair. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s been a busy month for Blue Devilism but the best kind of busy. 356 more words

Research Project

Doctor Who Adventure

Last weekend, I went down to London for the Doctor Who Festival at the Excel. I love Doctor Who so much. Watching Confidential after each episode and learning about the art department made me want to find out how I could be part of that, and ultimately, apply for the Production Arts and Design course at RCS. 714 more words

#becomingeducational W8: Research Methods

So we started with our weekly review – and re-visited ‘dialogic’… which led us to consider pedagogy, androgogy and heutagogy – with the suggestion that as emancipatory educationalists you/we are moving our students towards heutagogy – that state where they take control of and drive their own learning. 787 more words


Below is the project brief for Part 3 of Component Logic. As I mentioned in class two weeks ago, part 3 will consist of fabricating a scaled version of the ORIGINAL component, not your variations. 92 more words

Research Project