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Words Count! Word Counts!

This post is a record of all the words (i.e. adjectives, nouns) denoting specific qualities, techniques and aspects of the album that both professional and amateur music critics enjoyed about each album in their review listed under their title. 1,717 more words


Dossiê – Políticas Culturais e Crise

É com satisfação que apresentamos os artigos que compõem o dossiê Políticas Culturais e Crise, cuja proposta foi reunir reflexões que se proponham a discutir a relação entre política cultural, cultura e crise no Brasil e na América Latina.

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Research Project

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When discussing childhood trauma it may feel like you’re opening yourself up while feeling vulnerable. This is something that is weird to feel. However, getting this information across can be beneficial to someone else.

Grade 4 Research Project

This research project, written for a team of teachers in Virginia, allows teachers to instruct and assess the research standards during their social studies block. This cross-curricular approach allows flexibility with planning and instructional delivery. 350 more words


ETH Zürich social media news stream on our Winter School "Governing and living with urban (in-)security in Cape Town townships"

ETH Zürich covers our ongoing Winter School on urban (in-)security in the Cape Town township of Khayelitsha in a social media news stream. Visit the ISTP  38 more words


Amgen Scholars Application- Summer Research Part 1

Hej hej!

A few months ago, I had written a blog post about what research a Bachelor student can conduct during summer. Research experience is very valuable while following a research career path. 555 more words


2CN-CLab 2018


– Talks “Culture, Networks and Policy” (maximum 4 hours)

– Working Days (1 day)

– Meetings “Culture, Cooperation and Networks” (2 days)

– Training Programmes “Cultural Networks: Cooperation and Internationalization” (128 hours = 64 hours of training + 32 hours of consultancy + 32 hours of training consultancy)