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Getting Started

Starting a blog seems only marginally less terrifying than starting a PhD! Committing words to the screen for public consumption (and possibly comment)…is this the 21st century equivalent of standing on the street corner with a sandwich board? 635 more words

Research Project

Research Project - Useful Websites

Mandy.com allows you to find jobs in the Film and Television industry but after a quick search for art department opportunities, most were listed as unpaid or low paid and the ones further away, ie in the States, were full paid. 62 more words

2nd Year

Research Project - BECTU

(Source: https://www.bectu.org.uk/)

BECTU is the UK’s media and entertainment trade union; sectors covered include broadcasting, film, independent production, theatre and the arts, leisure and digital media. 134 more words

2nd Year

Research Project - American/International Job Descriptions

(Source: http://www.media-match.com/usa/media/jobtypes/set-painting-scenic-jobs-402779.php)

Set Painting/Scenic

What do Set Painting/Scenics do?

Scenic Artists paint backdrops, murals and many other elements on film sets. Working to briefs set by production designers… 1,607 more words

2nd Year

What next?

My focus group design was very successful and i want to use the same questions in a questionnaire to improve the quantity of my results. 42 more words

Investigating Research Article Submissions and Resubmissions

When seeking to publish a research article, researchers are vying to maximize the visibility and impact of their work. But they must also conceded to pressures to publish. 878 more words

Impact Factor