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How Formal Education Can Help You in Your Daily Life (3 Ways)

As with most of my posts, this information came to me as I continued taking various courses at the college level. I have not conducted a study on this nor has it been “peer reviewed.” This post’s information is purely from experience (as are the others). 991 more words


Assessment Design Framework

Tēnā koe.

Assessment Resources. An overview of the process:

  1. A designer would create the following document: Gathering Evidence Workbook (GEW). This is what the *student would use.
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Ways into the Collection: Databases

Research Skills Series

By Alison Newby

Last time we discussed the importance of the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre (AIU Centre) and its collections, touching on some of the realities of archives and archival research, and looking at the kinds of questions we need to ask ourselves before engaging with an archive collection. 1,862 more words

Research Skills

Ways into the Collection: Questions to ask yourself

Research Skills Series

By Alison Newby

The Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre (AIU Centre) is the premier resource centre in the country devoted to making available materials to facilitate the study of race relations. 885 more words

Research Skills

Using our Collections in your Studies: Introducing the Research Skills Series

Research Skills Series

Most of us know the basics of using a lending library, and anyone who has studied history will have a grasp of what archives are, how they’re accessed and why they’re important. 323 more words

Our Library

Learning Library and Research Skills

Last week English Class sixth graders visited Pori’s Town Library. As part of their visit the sixth graders tested out special decoding materials that had been developed over the summer by library staff members. 205 more words

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What is knowledge and how do I contribute to it?

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest questions for many PhD candidates. Candidates know they need to make an ‘original contribution to knowledge’, but many of them are hazy about what that means, how to explain what they’ve done, and how significant their contribution is.  1,044 more words

Research Skills