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Truth, Science and Fake News

Here’s what we did today in the wake of this:

And also, let’s be honest, because trying to get across the importance of using reliable sources and evidence is one of the hardest concepts and skills to teach. 319 more words

Critical Thinking

A' Wondering about Educational Technology

Have you eve thought that at one time in human history cave art was a huge technological leap. As as we evolved and paper was invented, scrolls were considered controversial forms of educational technology; according to… 310 more words

Teaching And Learning

Impact Factor of publications

Lecture by Dr. C. B. Bhatt, VGEC, Chandkheda, A-2, GTU, Chandkheda (26/11/2016 – time: 02.30 pm – 03.15 pm)

The text below is  from taken notes from the lecture. 651 more words

Learn By Doing

Review of Research Literature

Lecture by Dr. C. B. Bhatt, VGEC, Chandkheda, A-2, GTU, Chandkheda (26/11/2016 – time: 11.20 am – 01.15 pm)

Text below is  from taken notes from the lecture beginning with an outline: 1,285 more words

Learn By Doing

Turning your research questions into a thesis

A typical aspect of early drafts of writing by doctoral candidates is the way they are focused on defining their research question. This is important, obviously. 1,449 more words

Academic Writing

PD 5 & 7: Email Etiquette Essential in 21st Century

Embracing technology in this brave new world seems like not much of an option anymore but rather an obligation. For the vast majority of people, not a day goes by when you don’t need to make use of some form of 21st century technology. 631 more words

Intro To Info Tech

Flower Pot Community Project

For this shoot I will be providing pictures for our harlow town plant pots. I went out and photographed the different angles and viewpoints of the giant plant pots so I know the scale of the image what the proportion would be on the plant pot. 192 more words