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RES 5000: Professional Narrative

Professional Background

I am an East Carolina University alumna who has been working in the college of education for nearly three years in our assessment and accreditation department. 550 more words

Appalachian State University

Infographic: Monarch Butterfly Migration

KAP is thrilled to be “giving wings” to important ecological research findings by Dr. Ryan Norris¬†(University of Guelph) and his colleagues. This infographic about the monarch butterfly migration has been shared across social media and was part of the medial release published on the… 10 more words


How I Travel Full-Time

Everyone who has ever traveled full-time has had to answer the same 2 questions:

  • How can you afford to travel full time?
  • What will you do when you run out of money?
  • 923 more words

Climate change could bleach most coral reefs within the century

And bleached corals are pretty much dead.

The Great Barrier Reef’s massive loss to coral bleaching last year might have been just a taste of things to come. 190 more words


Visual Research: Parallel Studio

The creators of one of my favorite motion design projects of last year, Parallel Studio is a motion design studio based in Paris. They are a detail-oriented group of designers, illustrators, and directors who take high concept ideas and turn them into beautiful works of animation. 59 more words

The Elevator Pitch

Sell yourself and your entire career in 30 seconds. Its as easy as that.

The age old dilemma of how to sell yourself intensifies when you realize you may in fact be an awkward, semi-introverted PhD student with a chronic infection of Impostor’s¬†Syndrome (the continual fear that you, as the least qualified person in the room, are about to be found out at any moment!). 382 more words


What are key ethical concerns surrounding the use of psychiatric deep brain stimulation?

Recurrent and Neglected Ethical Issues in the Psychiatric Brain Stimulation Discussion

Event Flyer

What are key ethical concerns surrounding the use of psychiatric deep brain stimulation (DBS)? 325 more words

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