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Selected reference

Dinham, S. (2015). The worst of both worlds: How the U.S. and U.K. are influencing education in Australia. Education policy analysis archives, 23… 7 more words


The rise and fall of modern medicine


The rise and fall of modern medicine

Author: James Le Fanu

Categories: History of Medicine

Publisher, place and year: Abacus, London, 1999

Edition… 787 more words


Updates and P20 considerations

On my reading list right now is this book. I’ve skimmed through it a few times before, but I think taking the time to sit down and work through the content should prove fruitful. 649 more words


Quest for Information - Should We Eat Meat? - 1

I purchased a book, well more of an essay organized into chapters, on my kindle entitled Should We Eat Meat by Nick K.  He started with the science of it all, mentioning Lucy and how long humans have been on the Earth.  1,263 more words


Exo-Doppelganger: Jupiter's Twin Seen Orbiting Sun's Twin

You don’t get to meet your double every day, but Jupiter and the sun share the same galaxy as their very own doppelgangers.

HIP 11915 is a sun-like star that not only looks like our sun; it is also the same mass and even the same age. 437 more words


UFO's in Ancient Paintings.

It has been a while since I have written anything. I keep going back and forth on what to actually post. instead of posting I’d draft each and every thought that comes on my mind.

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Random Thoughts

Face Detection On Image to Count People: Resume of My Research


In particular situation it is important to be able to estimate the number of people in crowded environment. These data can be used as reference to detect danger situation caused explosion people at area, report of public interest about a area, and to measure level of comfort zone of area. 1,304 more words