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Blog leads to a breakthrough in antivenoms (Day 307)

Being a part of the blogosphere over the past 307 days has opened my eyes to how many of us bloggers are actually out there. So I was especially pleased to read today’s story about how blogging caused a scientific breakthrough. 447 more words

Geoff Maitland

Chilly in Philly for SRCD

Several Texas Tech HDFS faculty members and graduate students participated in the biennial Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) conference, held March 19-21. The host city should “ring a bell.” 142 more words


Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a hospital in several states with a website that is devoted to promoting health and well being



Did you know that your ribs could regenerate?

Unlike reptiles, humans cannot regenerate limbs, but we can regenerate and repair large portions of our ribs. Employing CT imaging, the healing of the human limb was monitored after a human rib was partially removed surgically. 168 more words


Childhood Obesity

Here is an article from science daily about a possible connection between obesity and math



Graphene Light Bulbs Set For Release This Year, 'Cheaper and Longer Lasting,' Say Developers

U.K. developers announced on Saturday that light bulbs made of graphene, a material that is about 100 times stronger than steel, will go on sale later this year. 230 more words