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February 6, 2016 | Dream Journal

Dream 1

I had some dreams last night that I clearly remembered but I kept going back to sleep and having more dreams without voice recording my dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of three dreams. 1,503 more words

Dream Journal

How Freight Hubs Could Become Eco-Villages - CityLab

Landscape architect and Illinois Institute of Technology professor Conor O’Shea sees a similar misconception in urbanism. There’s no such thing as “outside the city,” he believes.

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From liquid air to supercapacitors, energy storage is finally poised for a breakthrough | Environment | The Guardian

Storage is important because renewable energy is intermittent: strong winds in the early hours do not coincide with the peak demand of evenings. Storage allows electricity to be time-shifted to when it is needed, maximising the benefits of windfarms and solar arrays.

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Undergraduate Research

Multiple research institutes and universities have organised research programs to enable undergraduate to gain a first-hand experience in all aspects of biomedical research. The following research programs allow you to gain an early opportunity to experience real life laboratory and field research without the need of a Bachelors, Honours, Masters or PhD degree. 375 more words

Biomedical Research

TSRHC Research in Pediatric Bone Disorders

❤️ Scottish Rite. ❤️ the staff and ❤️ what they do for children and families.

(Dr. Ramo is pictured about 3:30 minutes in. 😊)


Warning: The Truth About White Bread! | Health - BabaMail

Here are some other statistics about the huge loss of nutrients when white bread is made:
· About 50% of all calcium is lost… 44 more words