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Is pirate radio still a problem in the digital age?

Director of Programmes in Criminology and Sociology at Middlesex University Dr Angus Nurse 702 more words

Late night ponderings.

So. I am awake. It happens. And oddly enough when it does I manage to do some of my best writings. It’s like this is when my mind is clearest. 285 more words


Focus Group Discussion on Gender and Media 

Dear All,

As a part of my doctoral research, I am conducting 3 focus groups discussions on Gender & Media in the month of June. … 156 more words

This Is How Science Goes Wrong In The News!

Source: PHD Comics

Further reading:

Peters. Gap between science and media revisited: Scientists as public communicators. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013. 110: 14102-14109.  9 more words


Meow the 54th - Lucky and Unlucky Cat Names

What do you call a cat? Whatever you like basically, but do not name your cat Bruno – or Cassie,  Henry, Tia, and Buster. According to a UK study, cats with these names are five times more likely to be in an accident than others. 115 more words


What Remains of the Gulf of Mexico Will Jaw-Dropping You

The Gulf of Mexico. One of the most prolific habitats of the entire coast on the South-East of United States, with blue and clear waters crossed by dolphins, seals, pelicans, seagulls and tons and tons of different and colorful species of fishes. 1,519 more words