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a detour, a u-turn, and back to the beginning

Fall at King’s Mountain, North Carolina

Dear blog. 

Sorry I haven’t written in so long.

I’ve been busy… 

for four years. 

Isn’t it funny how you start down a path and how easily small decisions made along the way, that at the time seem to be in line with your journey, ultimately take you far, far from your end goal… far from the path you thought you were on. 296 more words

Starting Over

Question: Does Family Income Level Impact College-Going Rates?

Hat tip to Kim Clark at Money on College who tweeted about this great interactive exercise (from NY Times) that allows students to draw their answer to this question (using a touchpad) on a graph that has family income levels on X axis and college attendance rates on the Y axis. 147 more words

Current Events

Congress 2015: "Women and Selfie Culture: the Selfie as a Feminist Communication Tool"

I’ll be giving a presentation entitled, “Women and Selfie Culture: the Selfie as a Feminist Communication Tool” this year at the CCA (Canadian Communication Association) conference at Congress at the University of Ottawa. 45 more words


Derek Gores.

Derek Gores is an artist that I am really interested, partly because his work is amazing and also the fact that I have never tried to collage before, and I think I might give it a go and see if it would be something that I am interested in for my final piece, as I am thinking of having mixed media rather than just biro. 387 more words


H.I.V. treatment should start at diagnosis, U.S. health officials say

From the New York Times

People with H.I.V. should be put on antiretroviral drugs as soon as they learn they are infected, federal health officials said Wednesday as they announced that they were halting the largest ever clinical trial of early treatment because its benefits were already so clear. 156 more words


Species Discoveries in 2014 at the Canadian Museum of Nature

When I was a child, one of the first books I received was one on farm animals: how to recognize them, what they were called and, of course, what sounds they made. 798 more words