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International conference on Performing Arts Medicine in Odense

Odense University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark is behind the conference focusing on research, diagnosis and treatment within musicians’s health.  608 more words


Moderate Amounts of Coffee May Help Keep Arteries Clear, Study Says

Drinking three to five cups of coffee per day may help to reduce signs of blocked arteries, says a new study out of South Korea. 163 more words

The Reformation of - and Opposition to - Education in the Victorian Era: A Steampunk Perspective

The Opposition to the Free Library in Birmingham was composed of very ill-assorted elements; it consisted of the “economists” who oppose any increase of rates for any object; of the publicans,who foresaw they were not likely to gain by the opening of free libraries; of the extreme Nonconformists, who objected to all rates for such purposes; and of the Clergy, who raised the “religious difficulty” as to books for the people.  

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I'm going to my first conference at the end of March.

I’m presenting at the National Archaeological Association in a few weeks about my current human mitochondrial DNA findings in ancient chewed plant remains. I’m pretty excited, hoping to dazzle the archaeologists with some real, hardcore science and how molecular biology is important in archaeology to understand ancient humans’ ancestry (hence, why I call myself a “molecular archaeologist”). 98 more words


How Our Microbes Make Us Who We Are

Saw this video on burningcandles90s.wordpress.com, thought it was really cool. This is related to one of the projects I did last year at work.

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Technology and Writing

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I lurk in dark and sordid places on the internet where I find out writer’s are wont to gather. Sometimes I say something. 874 more words