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Assistant Film Archivist and Researcher, Huntley Film Archives

Originally posted to the AMIA-L list-serv. 

Assistant Film Archivist and Researcher

We are a commercial archive film company that works closely with our clients to produce the best in archive film services to creative media. 361 more words

Full Time

Common Core is Menticide - Common Core Math Precludes Brain Development?

The title is provocative. It’s the exact title of an article by a researcher. Reading the article may take about 10 minutes and you may or may not agree with the premise and conclusion. 13 more words


Block Browser Exploit Attacks with New Chrome Extension

Vegan, a new Chrome extension which helps block browser exploit framework attacks is now available to download from the Chrome Store.

A new extension is available to detect and combat BeEF (Browser Exploit Framework Attacks) when installed on the Chrome browser. 444 more words


Musings on Discoveries (WordPress Writing 101 Prompt #13)

Today’s prompt was about finding something. Sounds easy, right? But I couldn’t think of anything related to that topic that I actually wanted to write about, until I realized that the act of discovering things is a huge part of my job as a scholar and researcher. 517 more words


Video Oral History Researcher/Processor, HistoryMakers

Original Post

The HistoryMakers seeks to hire a full-time Video Oral History Researcher/Processor as part of a three-year grant funded project (2017) in order to make… 454 more words


History!: Pottery

I am a frustrated researcher- I have reached a point where I can’t research anymore. I don’t have access to the academy and it’s almost impossible to do research without access to the academy. 182 more words

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