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Scientist Discovers Self

A researcher at the University of California at Berkeley’s Applied Nuclear Physics Department has made a stunning discovery. Ron Foester says he was sitting in a recreational area inside Stanford University’s famed linear accelerator complex SLAC, now a US Department of Energy lab, when he found his true self. 224 more words

Reuben 9 Years Old Student, CEO, and Hacker

As a 9 year old student who attends a Texas public charter school, Harmony School of Science during the day, Reuben Paul is also a cyber-security researcher. 507 more words


Warrant: Researcher Claims He Commandeered Flight Through In-Flight Entertainment System

Nearly a month after a government report identified security weaknesses within the airline industry, including the possibility that newer airplanes with interconnected WiFi systems could be hacked, a recently obtained Federal Bureau of Investigation search warrant shows a security researcher claims he briefly took control of an aircraft after hacking into the┬áplane’s in-flight entertainment system. 765 more words

Researcher Week 4

Do Victor and the monster differ in their view of women? Well considering the difference in them alone I will say yes they differ. They differ because the monster needed Victor to create its bride because every other female thought it was the ugliest thing ever. 34 more words


EF#17 - A Doctor, A Pharmacist, and What are Next?


Many years ago, when I was still a little kid, I really wanted to be a doctor. Doctor was a favorite profession for me and most of my classmates back then. 479 more words

Numpang Cerita

United Airlines to Researchers: Come Report Bugs in Its App

A bug bounty program was announced by United Airlines this week, inviting researchers, security professionals and penetration testers to report bugs in its apps, online portals and websites. 379 more words