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OA in action: Early Career Researchers by Dr Grant Abt and Dr Mark Fogarty

Our first post is by Dr Grant Abt (@grantabt on Twitter) and Dr Mark Fogarty, who discuss the value of open access to research practice, with particular attention to how it affects early career researchers. 55 more words

Thing 7 – LinkedIn

Welcome to Week 3 where we will be looking at the theme of Connecting Up.

There are many professional networking platforms out there at the moment but one of the more established players is… 259 more words

Online Identity

Overlooked molecules could revolutionize our understanding of the immune system

Virus and bacteria cells (stock image). A new discovery is “as if a geographer would tell you they had discovered a new continent,” explains one researcher. 661 more words


Experts claim they might have 'solved' the Bermuda Triangle mystery

A story has gone viral this morning claiming that experts have finally ‘solved’ the Bermuda Triangle mystery, with the discovery of strange, hexagonal-shaped clouds covering the region. 740 more words


Researchers posit way to locally circumvent Second Law of Thermodynamics

Argonne scientists Ivan Sadovskyy (left) and Valerii Vinokur published a paper showing a mathematical construction to a possible local violation of the Second Law of the Thermodynamics. 553 more words

Researchers create a new type of computer that can solve problems that are a challenge for traditional computers

Post-doctoral scholar Peter McMahon, left, and visiting researcher Alireza Marandi examine a prototype of a new type of light-based computer. Credit: L.A. Cicero

The processing power of standard computers is likely to reach its maximum in the next 10 to 25 years. 1,019 more words