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Resentment and hope

Three incidents from Sunday 09/18:

(1) I caught the racial vibe as soon as she came in the room.

(2) In the middle of worship, I looked at my situation.  817 more words



The last week has been very difficult with regard to keeping my head above water. My wife has been pretty much consistently in an angry mood and it has been a constant challenge to remain calm and patient in the face of a seemingly endless barrage of complaints and criticisms. 82 more words



Do you remember when we would stay up late on the phone?
I do.
We’d just be talkin’.
About everything.
About nothing.
All that I ever felt ended up in your ears, … 334 more words


3 Biggest Mistakes we Make in Divorce

Relationships have changed more in the past 50 years than they ever have in the previous 5000. So the fact that we don’t really know how to do this divorce thing… well, it makes sense. 403 more words

You attract what you put up with

the compulsion to please others stems from a pattern of behavior that you bring from the past, whenever you feel resentful towards people who seem to be needy and clingy it stems from a self-imposed pressure to bond with them, granted, others assist in establishing it but it is, in effect, you who enact your involvement in interpersonal dynamics riddled with expectations, it is you who project the emotional demands that are smothering you, it is you who make yourself feel as if you owed it to others to humor them and it is you who guilt yourself into reciprocating phony intimacy and faking a semblance of genuine sympathy, it is a choice that have been made and sustained by you and only you, or as Adyashanti puts it: … 10 more words