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"Rethinking Our Culture"

Very few of us seem to inventory how much we are like the world’s culture. Somehow we have baptized the current culture we are in as ‘sacrosanct’—as if in some way we have captured the Kingdom of Heaven’s culture. 641 more words


Wooden Spoons, Leather Belts and Barbed Wire

I wonder why some parents feel they need accessories in order to beat their children.

Is it that their hands, fists and feet simply aren’t enough? 29 more words


Today's Wisdom Key:

If we realize that forgiveness is not optional, but mandatory to our overall health and well-being, each time, we would forgive quickly. Forgive and leave the rest to God.



May we forgive, then again, and again, and again. May our hearts open to that freedom, to that peace. (Seane Corn, Chakra Flow Yoga)

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Bipolar Disorder

Empty Promises

Hold me through my sorrows,
Hold me though the tears.
Hold me through these woes I hate,
Protect me from my fears.

You hold me when I struggle, 89 more words


Why Are We "Waiting On The World To Change"?

Hands Up for this amazing and truthful song! It really portrays how a lot of people feel about what are happening in the world right now that creates so much frustration, destruction, mistrust and agony. 251 more words


I just felt led to write this post today.

I just felt led to write this post today. You know… all of us go through things that are difficult, frustrating and unpleasant. We tend to think that we’re the only ones that know the draining, debilitating effect of pain, anxiety and sadness whenever situations arise that evoke those feelings. 359 more words