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Has Anyone At Work Had To Seal With Resentment And People Ignoring You That Were Once You "friend"?

I m having a hard time as it is and I am late to work daily. It has been like this for years. I just reached out for help for the first time in 20 years because the last trauma seemed to bring on PTSD full force. 78 more words

Curry on a Friday

“You know what would be nice?
It’s a Friday
and finally we have all the time
in the world.”

She pauses.

“You know what we haven’t done in a while? 377 more words


UPDATE: Half-Way Through 40 Days to a Clutter-Free House

An update from my 3600+ sq. ft. home and that nasty little task list I gave myself to get my house, mind, and heart in order in 40 days. 1,124 more words

Angel Baby

How to Forgive Someone ... by Leo .

Leo on How to Forgive Someone

Judy Satori on Letting Go / Surrender
Her ‘language of light’ might be compared to ‘speaking in tongues,’ as described in the Bible. 48 more words

Ascension / Great Awakening / The Shift

Finding Inner Peace Through Understanding

Forgiveness and Inner Peace

To embrace inner peace you must release any need to be forgiven. Many people hold onto resentment and anger and refuse to change until the person(s) who harmed them seeks their forgiveness. 284 more words


Increasing Distress Tolerance Skills

Originally from California I find myself having mixed feelings when I return to visit family. I have good and bad memories of life in California and the bad memories causes my anxiety to increase from the usual level 10 to twenty that means my impulsivity skyrockets. 713 more words


27th August, 2015 1:33 a.m.

Has there ever been anything that you think about, but are just too afraid of ever saying out loud or even writing it down. As long as it’s all just in your mind, it is, somehow, not very tangible, still deniable, but once its out there, whether spoken or written, you can never really take it back. 565 more words