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Anger & Anticipatory Grief

As a lot of you all know, if you’ve been following this blog, I’ve lived with the excruciating pain of something known as anticipatory grief for almost a year and a half. 667 more words

FORGIVENESS and Christian Discipleship

The greatest evidence that a professing Christian is a genuine disciple of Christ is found in his or her willingness and/or ability to forgive. 981 more words


Ambition will kill you if you don’t kill it first.


Peace & Grudges

Today, while walking around the farmer’s market, my best friend in the world told me she looks up to me for my most recent achievement in personal growth. 480 more words


So much for Ego

Why this guilt when I know I m not to be blamed,
After all this wait u made me hate,
All I know is that you were missing, and my emotions couldn’t make me wait, 254 more words


Set the Captive Free

Who are you holding captive? How long have they been there? Has it been so long that you have left them there to rot and die? 661 more words

Motivation For The Journey

When people don't meet our expectations, then what?

Today was an interesting day. Memorial Day, and I was home alone in the apartment that I shared with two other girls. We had known each other for three years. 486 more words