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Part 568 - Hello! I Am Isellta.

Robin woke to a raging headache and a sightline blocked by metal bars. He tried to speak.

Something held his mouth shut.

He tried to touch it. 725 more words

a point in life.

We’re strained-

stuck between loving

each other and resenting

one another.


My Writings



I implore you
right now
to keep the peace.

Stop rocking
precariously perched boats,

or breathing down
wraith necks.

Watch the fish
leap their graceful arcs… 41 more words


Letting Go of Anger, Resentment and Bitterness

Anger, bitterness and resentment only hurts one person – YOU, not the person you’re resenting. That’s because you’re the one feeling it all, and carrying it all – not them. 798 more words


Are Relationships Hard?

I was having a conversation recently about a couple who are in the midst of some turbulent times in their relationship. It’s possible that they may not make it to the forever they promised one another. 582 more words

A Good Word

Safety or . . .

I just got back from elder-sitting for six hours. I was there a couple of evenings ago as well. It occurs to me the humiliation and anger an elder feels when someone else has to tell him or her what can and can not be done. 305 more words

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