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Blood of Emmett Till

How The Blood of Emmett Till Still Stains America Today

A new history of the most famous lynching in the country provides context on how racism continues to work in the present. 2,027 more words

Rebel Posts

Resentful – How can I stop this feeling?

I suppose it is natural for us to feel resentful when others demean us, frustrate us or do us harm. I feel resentful about how Sharon spoke to me. 1,011 more words

Ode to a Jar

screams float

in a clear jar filled with


yesterday’s dew

the rain was soft

like your face


the iron smashed it

into a million pieces… 41 more words


Bottom Bed

Here I am.

Feeling I’m at the bottom again.

Can’t get any lower than this bed; where I lay.

Where all the crumbs and dust and debree sink to… 97 more words



Bureaucracy and blurred red lines
Sharpness of indecency
I hate this need to fight authority
My stupid desire to break the rules… 185 more words

grenades and nicotine

at any moment i could
go off
pull the pen let it
cough out some words i would
say if i weren’t afraid of muttering… 73 more words



He: “I’m nuts about you.”

She: “You’re too nutty for me.”

He: “I got you nut ‘n honey cookies.”

She: “I got you nuttin’.”

He: “Want to watch… 27 more words