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One thing about having giant student loans is how helpless you feel. You see a giant money sink crushing your hopes and dreams beneath its current. 496 more words

Isms, groups, collective

I’ve listed a few Jungian definitions from a glossary (here) written out by Craig Chalquist, PhD.

Isms: PSYCHIC INFECTIONS that spread across whole peoples. 360 more words


"I Quit Writing Because of You."

In my last post, I mentioned that I turned to visual art after a long stint in the writing world came to a bitter end. 774 more words

Creative Living

In the night. In the dark.

Some wounds go deep.  They burrow down and take root in the mud and mire of life’s little pains.

They are wounds that we glimpse out of the corner of our eye, like a ghost or a shadow. 73 more words


TW: This post discusses self-harm.

As soon as I saw @geekmagnifique launch the hashtag #ScarredAndSexy, I was immediately excited.  And then I saw her amazing post… 458 more words

Mental Health

Mind Clutter | Resentments

I recently had a therapist ask me if I hold onto resentments. I answered without hesitation: “Yes, I absolutely do.”

Hoarding Resentments

I hold onto resentments for years. 768 more words


Repression Envies Freedom


Repression Envies Freedom

Happiness in life comes
when you stop seeking approval
and calmly accept being a transparent failure,
while continuing with your art. 62 more words