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Co-Dep INTERNAL Negatives (Part 2)


never seem to get anywhere

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See ACRONYM page for abbrev. 635 more words


Sitting with resentment

Resentment can bring together anger, envy, jealousy, self-importance, self righteousness, greed and a whole host of other unattractive feelings. So, why would you want to spend time with it? 543 more words

Thinking About Feeling

Tenet 4: Don't Let Others Dictate Your Pace

We all have an internal pace that we are most comfortable at.  Whether we’re walking, driving, dating, taking a test, or at work, each of us has a speed that when it is maintained, we are most successful.   339 more words


Friday: Episode 1 - Spooked !

Have you ever loathed someone with every fiber of your being ?

Sobriety brings with it a myriad of emotions, vying for purchase. And all those emotions are running through my head since I left the meeting I spoke at last night. 546 more words

New Beginnings

Nostalgic Fantasy

Is this all I am
Is this all I’ve ever been
A nostalgic game of fantasy
To every man who has ever known me

You always ask me what Im wearing… 262 more words


Be yourself

I know what I must do. Why do I not do it?

  • Because I do not imagine it will work.
  • Because I do not imagine I deserve it.
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Being Human

Alone I Sit

Written May 20, 2017

This is something i wrote one night as I contemplated life. To those of you who know and love me, I’m fine. 404 more words