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How can I unconditionally and without expectations give of myself today?

It’s only 5 AM and I already have to ask for forgiveness on this one. 325 more words


Withdrawal Day18

had a tummy bug, went to a funeral, led a prayer at the funeral, had a resentment with my wife and let it go and came to tell you about it.


The Flip Side Of Forgiveness Is Resentment

It definitely hurts when someone wrongs us. Sometimes we don’t quite understand why it is necessary for us to forgive them. It’s not like we are going to seek them out and tell them we forgive them for their actions. 182 more words

The art of war

We declare war over breakfast.

Hostilities have been building for some time, but today I have carefully positioned the salt shaker by my right elbow. For you to reach over and grab it would be an unprovoked invasion of my personal space, so instead you lower your cutlery. 371 more words




A whole summer has passed, yet the sorrow has not eased a bit
Driving along the highway without an end in sight
I’ve detached myself from my feelings again… 575 more words


Ya Blew It

pull it out of me in ribbons, in streams
skinny little things
thighs that sparkle, shimmer,
any fucking feminine adjective to describe
this false vision you’re copy pasting… 103 more words

She was . . .

She was angry. 

Carried a chip on her shoulder the size of Alaska.

If you crossed her, she would hurl insults under her breath,

Though, when out of earshot, the insults would fly verbally. 135 more words