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I'm So Over.... Unhealthy Expectations of People

I really miss blogging on here. My God I let one rip and now I have to continue blogging. This post is hella long and I don’t give a fuck. 1,616 more words


Catholic Exchange: Learning Balance Alongside St. Martha

A good many of us live busy lives. This busyness can become burdensome as we pack our days with activities, work requirements, family engagements, and especially during periods of illness or suffering. 221 more words

Catholic Church

Poetry-Thing Thursday: As Waters Rise

As waters rise,
cities drown.
The air gets colder,
Society breaks down.

The harshest winter,
known to man,
will leave us all dead,
unless we can, 73 more words

The Arrogance Of Unforgiveness

I grew up in an Irish family where one of our favorite jokes, statements and, I think for a period of time, refrigerator magnets was a quip about Irish Alzheimer’s.   570 more words


Are Egyptians Fighting Back?

Last week an incident took place at one of the most elegant private resorts on the beautifully scenic North Coast of Egypt. There, where residences range from opulent palaces to tiny bungalows, the standard of living is definitely above average and the residents are all proud of it and would go to any length to preserve it. 767 more words

Spiritual Solutions

Trinny & Susannah in their book The Survival Guide: A Woman’s Secret Weapon For Getting Through The Year say that July is the time to think about the art of not looking your age by introducing some spiritual solutions to your everyday life They say that after sun damage and smoking, the biggest factors that age us are anger and stress. 213 more words

Living the Word 'NURTURE' - An Artists Journey To Life - Day 817

Today marks one week since I began re-defining and living the word ‘Nurture’. What I have found with doing this deliberately for the past 7 days is that it has been a process in where various different dimensions of this word and application opened up during the week. 980 more words

Self Honesty