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Serpentine Evolutions

We changed against our will
our bodies taking it upon themselves
to adapt
to become more useful.

Our legs dissipated generations ago
elongating our torsos into serpentine tails… 80 more words


Renouncing Attachments

Sometimes to live in God’s peace we need to renounce the attachments of the past. It is so easy to go over old hurts, old regrets, old loves, old insecurities, and pick at those scabs. 135 more words

Spiritual Life

Not Plain Sailing

ok so im pressing the whinge button to ‘on’ – cos ive been harbouring some fairly petty resentments today…

these feelings came on because i felt very  575 more words

Family Relations

Emotional Hairballs

The emotional hairball?  Lovely image isn’t it?  Not!

However, this image came to me this week as I was wrestling with some things that were stuck in my throat and wouldn’t come out.  580 more words


So after taking the quiz yesterday and seeing some #3’s I got… I saw that I still do resent and hate some things that my husband has said and done. 994 more words


I Was Angry

Angry and grieving for our broken family.  It’s decades later.  I learn from God. I am no longer angry at God, running and rebelling, lashing out because He let this devastation happen in my family. 184 more words

Q u i L L #21 My Mother; My Friend

The more you belittle
The better you feel
My idiosyncrasies harped over
My benevolence stilled

Desires to share
crack, wither, and wilt
My ever growing maturity you stilt… 49 more words