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Struggling to Forgive

Have you ever struggled to forgive someone—even when you wanted to forgive? I know I have.

I have come to realize that part of my struggle came from not understanding true forgiveness. 209 more words



I like compliments.

I really wish I didn’t. I wish I was so confident that I didn’t need others’ praise. I wish I was so filled by the spirit that I was wholly dependent on the approval of the Lord rather than that of others. 728 more words



I’ve wanted to make a post like this ever since I first started highschool;  one giant-ass post where I just talk about how the Tumblr community has impacted my lfie, even though I’ve never been a part of it myself. 1,000 more words



Human negativity is fouling the planet.

Environmental cleanup begins with the mind.

Mind is polluted if it is irritable, impatient or nurses a grudge.

Funnily enough, some of our worst polluters are fervent recyclers.

From The Counsellor

If Only...

I just saw this graphic on Twitter, and it caught my attention. I actually have food allergies or sensitivities to many foods, especially corn, can’t eat it at all. 405 more words


Overcoming Anger and Resentment with Storytelling

We are all human beings and we all react strongly with negative emotions from time to time in response to certain triggers:

Because of something that someone said or did, or didn’t say or do, we might feel as if we have been “taken advantage of,” or disrespected or insulted in one way or another. 910 more words


Trust your gut?

How many times have you waited for that feeling? If I have this feeling, I know that all is well. I would know that it’s getting better. 550 more words

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