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The Reaction

After learning of my diagnosis, my reaction was not quite… typical. I was actually excited. Very excited. The reason is that for me, it was like “there’s something unique/cool about me now!” I’m the type of person to get excited over not-the-norm situations, like small earthquakes, flash floods, blizzards, and so on (unless it creates some bad destruction, then I’m not so excited anymore). 823 more words


Fill In The Blank...

My tongue is tipped with
Words I’ll never say.
They haunt me,
Like Winter does Spring;
They tease me, like a
Summer’s breeze in May. 19 more words


How true are these words??

Honestly this is how I feel sometimes!

Not that my husband IGNORES me… per say…

So let me try to explain.

All week I haven’t wanted to kiss him. 206 more words


The world doesn't have to be poor for you to be rich. 

Jealousy is an ugly quality. Fact.

It breeds resentment and bitterness. Fact.

Jealous people are not really your friends. Fact.

Yes I’m making bold sweeping statements with no real evidence other than my own experiences, but if you have a think about it for a moment I’m sure you’ll realise you know at least one person who is so consumed with jealousy it has turned them into quite a poisonous individual. 397 more words

Quotes of the Day!

I was internetless for most of yesterday, hence the disappearing act. Today I’m back with some quotes about resentment. Many people hurt us in our lifetime. 129 more words



It’s been almost three and a half years since I’ve seen my father’s face or heard his voice. It’s been almost four since he was arrested. 816 more words

Me Stuff

Not even halfway...

In my last update, I shared how thankful I am to have had some of my side effects ease and that I’m already one third of the way through chemotherapy. 517 more words