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Reserved Names in Codeigniter

Reserved Names: These are the names that you should not use to name your own variables,functions and methods, if you do it, you’ll facing bugs (errors) in your application. 267 more words

Developers Hub


This is going to be another blog reflecting my personality and my view on what it is like to be an Introvert.


What is Introversion? 905 more words


First blog post-It's really my first so let it be the title


I’m actually new to this.

I thought I would be satisfied in writing stories, but I guess i want to be exposed more? In my stories, i’m hiding behind my characters and my characters are hiding inside the e-book and the e-book is behind the screen. 285 more words


Metaphorically Speaking

Conservative as I may be in my behaviors

I can let my hair down.

You may no longer be able to see that I let my hair down. 11 more words

Life Chatter


Hadd újságoljam el a legújabb örömömet: mostantól – remélhetőleg többször is – láthattok a blogon a Reserved által szponzorált tartalmat! Ez az első bejegyzés kizárólag az ő ruháikkal, és mit ne mondjak, elégedett vagyok… 59 more words