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Invisible to everyone

Plain in my eyes

In pictures you stand apart

Separated as though you don belong

Tight and reserved

I want to see you… 14 more words


Reserved cards

There are so many little details when it comes to planning a wedding or event… but one thing people always forget are reserved cards for the table. 98 more words

Envelope Design

Seeing people being all social and interacting with each other and not wanting to get involved and then feeling guilty about the possibility that people might mistake your reservedness for snobbishness or meanness and feeling pressure to interact but knowing that forcing yourself to do so will tire you out and not make you feel good.

Woe Is Me!

Online Dating

I don’t understand online dating.

Maybe I make it harder on myself than I should, or put more pressure on finding “the one” than most people. 243 more words

Accepting yourself as you are: Is being reserved a bad thing?

“Being reserved is not to push people away, it’s more so me being patient enough to see who’s worth letting in close” – Rob Hill Snr. 285 more words

Ceremony Seating

To honor and include those family members who could not share in the day, place a black & white photograph in a large frame and keep a seat open for them. 26 more words


How to assign a reserved / static public IP Address to a virtual machine on Azure

Using Powershell, first you need to reserve a new IP if you don't have one already - 

New-AzureReservedIP -ReservedIPName ReservedIP -Location "Australia East"

Then assign this reserved IP to a virtual machine - 
Set-AzureReservedIPAssociation -ReservedIPName ReservedIP 
-ServiceName VMServiceName