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Harmony Day Celebrations

Last Sunday, at the Migration Museum in Adelaide, Anette and Zaid demonstrated how to make Injera, an Eritrean/Ethiopian flatbread. They have kindly agreed to share their  225 more words


An Exploratory Study of “Identity” for some Adult Refugee Women in New Zealand

Notes of a presentation to ASSR June 2008 Forum by  Sophie Debski on her research An Exploratory Study of “Identity” for some Adult Refugee Women in New Zealand… 2,100 more words


What is ROTL?

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The subject of “Release on Temporary Licence” (ROTL) is a complex and detailed one. In a short series of Blogs, we will be talking about ROTL, and describing our own personal experience of ROTL. 747 more words

Article  - Land Acquisition Bill


(Written By – Rohit Latwal)

Today, we will have discussion on one of the hot topics now-a-days, in media i.e. Land Acquisition Bill. This is the only weapon with which our opposition leaders doing their every possible efforts to trap our ruling government. 1,223 more words

Social Issues Articles

Human Rights and 50 days of Sri Lanka’s new Presidency

Article first published at http://groundviews.org/2015/03/02/human-rights-and-50-days-of-sri-lankas-new-presidency/ on 2nd March 2015

It’s now 50 days since Sri Lanka’s new President took oaths on 9th January 2015. This is an attempt to reflect on the first 50 days of the new Presidency. 2,723 more words


A Hard Choice by Blair Gaulton

A Hard Choice
This community
outlasted vicious storms
and much more
for many years
they pulled together
whenever there was trouble
helping each other to recover… 64 more words


Understanding Our Differences

“Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.” – Dalai Lama XIV

Did you know that as an employee in the United States you have more independence to make decisions and are less likely to be fired for criticizing company ideas or policies than employees in other countries? 148 more words