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Evangelicals split on refugees who are Muslim

While some evangelicals are saying that they must be wary of anti-immigrant sentiment due to its exploitation for political gain, others continue to scaremonger their congregants, claiming that the small number of high-profile terror attacks by Muslims who came here as refugees is a good enough reason to deny entry to the tens of thousands of Muslim refugees who settle here, running from terrorists, and who seek a return to living peaceful lives. 415 more words


The Pied Pipper

On June 26 1284, or so the original story goes, a young man, handsome in appearance and dressed in brightly coloured clothes entered the small town of Hamelin, Northern Germany. 1,391 more words


Politicizing the unimaginable pain & suffering experienced by refugees

Emily Conrad, who “works in communications for an international textile firm in Spartanburg, S.C.”, is a “Phi Beta Kappa Wofford College graduate founder of book blog, Global Book Challenge”, and has written a piece for… 596 more words


Unaccompanied refugee minors denied health coverage in California

Once again the state of California is denying services to eligible refugees. In April there was the case of improperly denying SSI benefits to a disabled refugee; part of a larger pattern of wrongful SSI denials that fly in the face of the law of refugee eligibility for disability benefits. 432 more words


Old Fadama: Resources For Nuanced Analysis

In Accra, following the devastating effects of June 3 floods, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly embarked on a demolition exercise in the Old Fadama area. The local authorities rode on the waves of fear, trauma and anger to place the blame for the floods squarely on the shoulders of residents of Old Fadama. 284 more words


Main terrorist threat in US not from Muslims, but from right-wing extremists

News headlines keep informing us about violent Muslim extremists launching attacks in the US. A very few have arrived here as refugees, with the remaining 99.99…% of Muslim refugees posing to threat to this country. 307 more words


World Refugee Day -- June 20th, 2015

On this World Refugee Day in 2015 the world is now seeing the most dire refugee crises that has ever been recorded. The UNHCR reports that at the end of 2014 there were 60 million people displaced (one in every 122 people on Earth); the highest number of people ever recorded that have been forcibly displaced from their homes. 324 more words