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Better Life for Baby

With barely two weeks until her due date, Spozhmai was blessed by a baby shower thrown by her mentors Kate Elci and Phyllis Freedman. Friends of the mentors and Spozhmai’s family were in attendance, including LSS/NCA resettlement staff who have helped Spozhmai and her husband Edris build a new life in Maryland. 346 more words


Coping and resilience of rural and regional Australian immigrants: imperatives for successful settlement

Author(s): Joy PENMAN ; Kalpana GOEL



This research provides an understanding of the coping strategies for successful settlement of Australian immigrants by elucidating key conceptual constructs relating to resilience development.

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House of Cards

There should be no “shock” at the disaster unfolding at the moment in Puerto Rico  The combination of an ineffectual and venal Administration which has been undermining the public sector since it took office and of more intense hurricanes driven by extreme climate change was bound to create an humanitarian crisis in this part of the United States. 290 more words

Climate Change

Tango & Climate Change

When I get really sad about the state of the world, about the sixth extinction that is in progress https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jul/10/earths-sixth-mass-extinction-event-already-underway-scientists-warn, about the floods, fires, and famines to come, I dance tango. 555 more words

Climate Change

The Cassandra Report: Resettlement as Necessity.

The USA was originally created with the idea of Manifest Destiny, which meant that Europeans had, they felt, the God-given right to move across the continental United States, setting up new communities, opening up new farms, building new towns; and, in the process, dispossessing the indigenous peoples. 596 more words

Climate Change

Why you should support refugee resettlement today

Refugee resettlement is a personal issue to me. Not only do I live with and attend church with 150-200 resettled refugees, who became my dear friends once I met them in the United States, but I also have friends who have applied to receive refugee status and are waiting for that to start the process of potential resettlement. 522 more words

Urban Resilience in Indonesia – publication of results of elective area ‘Development Research’

Urban resilience is a topic of increasing importance in the light of growing urban populations and often high exposure to natural hazards. This is particularly true for cities in developing countries like Indonesia, where a large share of the population is living in areas at risk. 148 more words