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70% of all Swedes support the new tougher laws to decrease influx of asylum seekers to Sweden.

Due to the extreme influx of asylum seekers to Sweden, the Swedish government were forced to implement new tougher immigration laws. A poll shows that 7 out of 10 Swedes supports the new laws. 66 more words

“This person is 'ma fan'”

Ma fan, for non-Chinese speakers, is actually not the name of a person. It’s a Chinese word that looks like this 麻烦. It can be used as an adjective as well as a noun, meaning “trouble.” The kind of “trouble” referred to by this word is specific. 1,952 more words


Taking the Leap!

We interrupt our holiday posts to give you this special update.

There comes a point where every long distance couple who want to live together must seriously consider – … 963 more words


Renewal of Residence Permit card

By the German law, you as an expat and/or a legal citizen living in Germany need to be able to identify yourself with legal documents (thru your passport and your Residence Permit card). 139 more words


Applying for Hubby’s Titre de Séjour

Bonjour everyone!

Something I promised to share with you was my experience in applying for a Titre de Séjour in France, so that is exactly what I am going to do! 1,352 more words


#1703 - Applying for the Dutch PR


Note: Some information which I may provide via this post may be unreliable, especially in the case if you are reading this post (far) in the future where there always is a possibility of laws/rules changes. 1,642 more words

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