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Wade through the application process of residence permit in Czech Republic

Months before quitting Singapore, Ondra and I started researching on how to ‘legalize’ my stay in Europe. We knew that the simplest solution for us was to go through the marriage channel. 1,249 more words


Tougher laws and regulations to ensure that asylum seekers without residence permit is leaving Sweden.

The Swedish migration minister, Morgan Johansson, announced today that new laws and new regulations will be implemented in Sweden to ensure that asylum seekers without a residence permit will leave Sweden. 63 more words

Chaos in the Swedish migration system.

More than 150 000 asylum seekers are waiting to get the Swedish immigration authorities to even start processing their applications. In general it takes at least 6 months, often much longer, just to start the application process. 75 more words

Long waiting for asylum seekers in Sweden.

Physician Samar Abou Khalil from Latakia have been waiting for 20 months to get his asylum application processed by the Swedish authorities. Neither he or the Swedish migration authorities can say how much longer he will have to wait. 71 more words

"Norway adopts the strictest immigration policies in Europe"

All nordic countries adopt stricter asylum and immigration regulation. Yet another nordic country, Norway, is planning to implement new strict immigration laws.

Among other things: Reunification in Norway will not be possible if family members are staying in another safe country, e.g Turkey or Greece. 89 more words

EU Visa Code: Students Don't Need to Pay for Visas. But...

The EU visa code Article 16 says students do not need to pay for visas in the EU. The important bits:

The visa fee shall be waived for applicants belonging to one of the following categories:

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A few things you do not know about residence permits in Malta

As every Maltese and many foreigners know, one can buy a Maltese passport for approximately €1M. The residence permit issuance racket got it to the local and international news a couple of months ago. 838 more words