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The number of Iraqis who withdraws their application for asylum in Sweden is more than those who submits a new application.

The vast majority of those who have come to Sweden, seeking asylum, is not war refugees, but economic migrants, with little or no prospect to get a  temporary residence permit. 68 more words

How to get an Investor Occupation Permit in Mauritius

Mauritius is an excellent destination; either for short or long term. One of the top performing economies of Africa, the island is viewed as a very interesting business jurisdiction as it offers a set of modern and simple features for business creation and management. 1,551 more words


GHANA – Ghana Immigration Service Increases Fees

Effective 15 May 2016 the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has increased certain categories of fees, through the Fees and Charges (Amendment) Instrument 2015 (LI 2228). 21 more words


ITALY – New Residence Permit Fees for 2016

On 10 March 2016 the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued a decree which increased the filing fees for the electronic residence permit in credit card format. 19 more words


70% of all Swedes support the new tougher laws to decrease influx of asylum seekers to Sweden.

Due to the extreme influx of asylum seekers to Sweden, the Swedish government were forced to implement new tougher immigration laws. A poll shows that 7 out of 10 Swedes supports the new laws. 66 more words

“This person is 'ma fan'”

Ma fan, for non-Chinese speakers, is actually not the name of a person. It’s a Chinese word that looks like this 麻烦. It can be used as an adjective as well as a noun, meaning “trouble.” The kind of “trouble” referred to by this word is specific. 1,952 more words