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New Data in Immiguru: LUXEMBOURG - Residence Permit (Assignment from EEA/Switzerland)

We’re very pleased to announce that the Residence Permit (Assignment from EEA/Switzerland) process for Luxembourg has been added to Immiguru.

This process allows for the secondment of a foreign national who will remain on home country payroll and contract but is assigned by a company inside the EEA and Switzerland to the same company or a recipient of a service provision in Luxembourg for a determined period to execute a service provision. 29 more words


GHANA – Visa on Arrival for all African Union Nationals

Effective 8 July 2016, Ghana has officially started implementing a previously announced visa-on-arrival policy for all nationals of African Union member states arriving through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA). 24 more words


Travel Documents

One of the less glamorous aspects of going abroad for any length of time is making sure your butt is covered in case of extraneous circumstances. 763 more words


China's impossible employment laws

This year the Chinese government decided to tighten up the laws on foreigners working in China. This is mainly because of how many companies will employ any white face as an English teacher, claiming that they are a native speaker (Jenny, who I worked part time for, told parents that the French, Russian and Albanian teachers were all Canadian), giving fake degree certificates to potential teachers (I have heard that a few of the teachers hired by cita had been supplied with fake certificates) and lying about the work experience of foreign teachers. 1,176 more words


DENMARK – Minimum Salary Increased for Pay Limit Scheme; and Green Card Abolished

A bill passed on 2 June 2016 increases the minimum salary to qualify for the Pay Limit scheme in Denmark, effective 10 June 2016. In addition, the Green Card scheme has been abolished, also effective 10 June 2016. 26 more words


The number of Iraqis who withdraws their application for asylum in Sweden is more than those who submits a new application.

The vast majority of those who have come to Sweden, seeking asylum, is not war refugees, but economic migrants, with little or no prospect to get a  temporary residence permit. 68 more words

How to get an Investor Occupation Permit in Mauritius

Mauritius is an excellent destination; either for short or long term. One of the top performing economies of Africa, the island is viewed as a very interesting business jurisdiction as it offers a set of modern and simple features for business creation and management. 1,551 more words