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New Data in Immiguru: Finland - Residence Permit Based on Employment

We’re very pleased to announce that the Residence Permit Based on Employment process to Finland has been added to Immiguru.

Nationals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)/Switzerland/Nordics who will be working in Finland will generally require a residence permit based on employment. 32 more words


How to move to Switzerland with a partner you're not married to and no (Swiss) employment

Phew, that was a ridiculously long title! Every word of it was necessary for completeness though. Anyway…

While I was doing research on the move to Switzerland, I found it almost impossible to figure out whether I would even be allowed to live here without a job. 1,011 more words


Friday letters

Good morning! With the exception of Monday’s post (which I actually wrote and scheduled the day before), I’ve been kind of absent from the blogosphere this week. 366 more words

Friday Letters

Where they're coming from

…so by now you know that if your factory is in a major city your average worker sees his wife and kids once a year during New Year’s, right? 538 more words


TURKEY – Changes to the Residence Permit Application Process

Effective 18 May 2015 residence permit applications in all Turkish cities must be made to the offices of the Migration Department, rather than to the local Foreigners’ Department (Police Authority) in the area of residence. 23 more words


My IND Residence Permit Application Process

As I mentioned last week, my Residence Permit came in, and I am now an official resident of the Netherlands! I thought I might recount my experience with applying for this permit for anyone who might be thinking about the same.  1,178 more words


GNIB visit, or Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

There is no Non-EU person who hasn’t heard about GNIB and re-entry visas. Seriously, it became a horror story, a live town legend that people pass to each other: “Oh you haven’t got your Garda card yet? 470 more words