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COLOMBIA – New Regulations Modify All Visa Types

A major new set of immigration regulations has established new visa categories and requirements . Resolution 6045 of 2 August 2017 repealed Resolution 5512 of 4 September 2015, and will come into force ninety business days from its publication date. 58 more words

Immigration Alerts

Trip to the Mailbox

After leaving our apartment on Oak Street at 8:00 a.m. and now,  ten minutes before noon, when I am sitting in cafe crowded with bikes and laptops in the West End, after driving from Vancouver across the Canadian-United States border to our rented mailbox in Blaine to collect a check from a writing client in Boulder, while my husband is in his office on Slack with teams in Delhi and San Francisco, I am both craving Indian for lunch following a recent conversation with our building’s property manager, a woman from Afghanistan, in which she asked my Mexican-native/Canadian citizen husband for help in finding a flight to Delhi where her nephew from Turkey will visit the Brazilian Embassy to apply for a tourist visa to travel to Brazil, and thinking about the political correctness of a feature on “tribal tourism” in this weekend’s… 334 more words


Dual-Status Aliens

Dual-status aliens are those who arrive or depart from the United States during the same tax year. Dual status refers to resident status for tax purposes in the United States, not to citizenship. 393 more words


One Thousand Word Challenge 20: Suburban Days

It was a dark morning in the living room on that particular day. Some light was shining through, but due to how the house had been designed, it was not due to the window facing the sun. 1,052 more words


How to Live a Happy, Healthy Residency (& The Little Things - Medicine Edition)

When you’re working 60-80 hours/week, you start to neglect many things in your life. Family, kids, significant others, friends, social life, fitness, hobbies, even personal hygiene. 524 more words

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Non-Resident Speculation Tax in Ontario

In an attempt to cool the hot real estate market in Southern Ontario, the provincial government introduced a Non-Resident Speculation Tax. Effective April 21, 2017, Non-Residents, meaning either individuals who are not Canadian Citizens or permanent residents of Canada, or corporations formed or controlled outside of Canada will be subject to a 15% tax on purchases of residential property (containing 1 to 6 single family residences) in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area. 29 more words


The Case for Supervised Injection Sites

Hoskins says that loss of life due to an opioid overdose is needless and preventable. Recently, Health Canada has approved three supervised injection sites in Toronto. 535 more words