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Fullerton Shifts Hdqs. to NW Suburbs

CHICAGO—Although a number of suburban firms have decided to move into the city’s CBD, others are choosing to move away from the city.

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WSP | Parsons Acquires Halvorson

NEW YORK CITY—Halvorson Partners’ founding principal will serve as an EVP of the merged firm’s Chicago office and will work to grow the business nationally. 6 more words

Residential Real Estate

Downtown Museum Property Auctioned Off

CHICAGO—The property was in high demand from investors, but the nonprofit museum tenant’s lack of credit caused several initial deals to fall through.

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A Niche in Real Estate might be the answer:

“Let us help you find your dream home”

“We will work with you to find the home of your dreams”

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What Can $300K Buy You In Different Cities?

Each city in the Phoenix Metro Area has a different average price per square foot. Look below to see what $300K can get you in different cities in August 2015 and where you can get the biggest bang for your buck! 98 more words

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Older Properties Also Finding Buyers

CHICAGO—When they do come up for sale, the tight market means that even older properties are in very high demand.

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Investors Launching More Industrial Projects

CHICAGO—The tightness of the market, and the intense competition for sites, has not dissuaded some investors, who have decided to launch their own projects.

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