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The Best Aerial Shots of Earth

Our pilots fly over some incredible places on this planet. In honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing some of our favorite shots.  Check it out below:


Top 6 Aerial Shots for Showing Off Real Estate

Drones are breaking new ground in the world of real estate photography. Realtors are suddenly able to exhibit properties in ways that budgets and technology wouldn’t have allowed for a few years ago. 1,109 more words


Real Estate: 5 questions to ask before selling your house

The world of Real Estate can be complex, but when push comes to shove it’s really just about buying and selling houses. Can it be complicated at times? 1,800 more words


Selling a home in St. Louis: It's the perfect time

I can only speak specifically about the Real Estate market here in St. Louis, but I imagine it’s the same all across this great nation of ours: As the weather heats up so does the market, and right now if you’re looking to sell your house, there’s perhaps no better time. 278 more words


Why is Spring the Best Season to Capture Property Views?

After a long winter, real estate professionals and drone pilots alike are ramping up for the brighter spring weather.

Drone-captured photography was named one of the… 435 more words

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Like a shark, new Real Estate agents have to patiently keep moving

Patience is indeed a virtue, and it’s something that’s a must when trying to make your way through the world of residential real estate.

Especially for new agents, patience may be the one and only thing that allows you to separate yourself from the other small, new fish in the pond. 791 more words


What You Can Expect To Pay For A Down Payment

For anyone who has ever bought a home or is considering purchasing a home for the first time, just hearing the words “down payment” is enough to send chills up their spine. 176 more words

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