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OCD, Career Choices, and Limitations

A version of this post first appeared on my blog in May, 2013…..

I’ve written before about my son Dan’s almost lifelong dream of becoming an animator. 478 more words

Mental Health

When horticultural therapy meets art therapy, children grow

This week’s post is written by my colleague Green Chimneys Garden Program Facilitator Erin Backus. As a registered horticultural therapist, Erin leads both afterschool programs and horticultural therapy sessions with our residents. 425 more words

Horticultural Therapy

25-Year Old Woman Enjoys Life Free of Alcohol and Heroin Addiction

 “It’s really important to be aware. When see you personality changes or when someone withdrawals from you, the sooner you intervene, the better the odds you won’t lose a loved one,” explains Angela, a 25-year-old female from a suburban town in Illinois who got… 429 more words

Help For Substance Abuse

Ensure Complete Drug Recovery through Newport Academy Rehab Care

Does drug recovery program work? Does enrolling your child to a rehab care ensure complete recovery? Anxious parents who have just found out the truth about their teen-aged child to be addicted to drugs often have these questions coming up in their mind. 472 more words

Newport Academy Rehab

Life Saving Benefits of Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment program is one of the most proven and safest routes towards a long-term substance abuse and alcohol addiction recovery. This program consistently works on stabilizing the mental health of the patient and eliminating the threat of relapsing. 559 more words


What Are Residential Treatment Programs?

A residential treatment facility, Diamond Ranch Academy serves individuals from the ages of 12 to 18. The unique program offered by Diamond Ranch Academy provides a focused and structured environment to help young people overcome a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. 120 more words

Diamond Ranch Academy