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Material Science in surfboards

During my recent visit to the American West Coast, I had the opportunity to have a first contact with surfing. Although I didn’t have a totally satisfactory experience, I must say I found this sport quite interesting and, for that reason, I started asking some questions about the materials which are used to manufacture surfboards to my surfing expert… 690 more words



Rockhampton Agencies is a locally owned and operated business offering a comprehensive range of fibreglass resins, reinforcements , composite materials, fillers and tools.

Fibreglass Tools

Cross-linking agents: Polyisocyanates

  • Polyisocyanates are used for formulating two components (2K) coatings.
  • Reversibly blocked polyisocyanates are used for formulating one component (1K) coatings.

Both agents react with hydroxy-functional polymers to form… 374 more words


Cross-linking agents: Melamines

Cross-linking reactions are usually thermally induced and carried out under a high temperature. Even with highly reacted systems the activation energy of cross-linking reaction has to be reduced by the use of catalysts. 684 more words


Epoxy resins

The epoxy resins are polyaddition products of epichlorhydrin and bisphenols or other -OH functional components.

Properties are determined by the components used to build polymer. Very interesting are components that have positive anticorrosion effect and must be made of classic components of epoxy resins, bisphenols (bisphenol A, bisphenol F). 442 more words


Royal Wood proposes a resin manufacturing unit in dist. Kutch, Gujarat

Polymers, Fibers and Resins

Status: Planning

Promoter: Royal Wood

Project: proposes a 90 TPM phenol formaldehyde resin, urea formaldehyde resin, melamine urea formaldehyde resin & melamine formaldehyde…

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