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Hang in there!

Life is hard. Activism is hard. Sometimes you drag it, sometimes it drags you.

Dig in your heels. Draw your lines; don’t let the fight drag you across them. 17 more words


Just a quick reminder about how badassly powerful we are

Last Friday, 45 pulled his disastrous excuse for a healthcare bill after learning he didn’t have the votes to pass it via a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. 457 more words

I Try

Massachusetts Family Leave Act

What happens when someone in your family is sick and needs you to take care of them? For many families, caring for mom is a labor of love. 339 more words


Coexist or Contradict?

While stopped at a red light on my way home one day I noticed that the two cars immediately in front of me had the same “Coexist” bumper sticker. 142 more words

Social Justice

Dangerously clueless

Here is the full transcript of Donald Trump’s erratic and unparseable interview with TIME magazine last week:


And here is a redacted version with every unverifiable statement blacked out: 12 more words


Running out of the box

You’ve heard the saying, thinking out of the box? Last week, I was thinking about “running out of the box.” I will explain that in a minute. 1,228 more words

The Truth is Relative

Facts are not.

A message to @fucktrump #fucktrump.  The truth depends on perception.  My eye twitches.  You think I winked at you.  I think I had an itch and twitched.  170 more words