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Temptations. Part-One.

Lead us not into.

The cause of human failure and disasters, when it is we who devise our own destruction. Wither it is wanting something that is not ours to have, looking at another with lust, when we are already married. 48 more words

Give a number....

“Give me a number between one and ten.”


“Forget that, then. Between five and ten.”


“That’s how many times you’re coming before sunrise…”

C.D. Reiss, Resist


Resistance Id Fruitile

A is for Glyphosate
p is for Midnite Uranium Mine
p can also be found in front of TSD
l is for Steve Zissou
e doesn’t care what we think



Resistance:  Compassion

Compassion is not as easy as it sounds. It’s so much easier to be impatient and skeptical of people than to be compassionate. At least it is for me. 623 more words



Trapped in a prison of our own device
Working towards the end
Already dead
Fed lies disguised as truth
Made slaves unknowingly
Sheep led to slaughter… 150 more words



Close your eyes
See wicked things
Never know what tomorrow brings
Just another face in the crowd
Paradise lost
Chaos found

Blind your eyes and turn around… 240 more words