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I’m writing this in response to a something a dear friend said that needs responding to. The man is a friend who is open-minded, one who has changed his opinions over the last two years, one that I expected to vote for Trump, but who became, long before the election, one of the more outspoken critics of both Trump, and the underlying hate. 558 more words


Resist, Rejoice, and Renew - UUP 8-20-2017

Some words by Jonipher Kwong, a poem entitled

Faithless Works:

They say faith without works is dead

So I worked for equality

Next to my queer friends who wanted to get married… 1,685 more words

Unitarian Universalism

Bio of the Anarchist Lazar Lipotkin.

A short biography of Anarchist Lazar Lipotkin, active in Russia and the USA

The Russian Jewish anarchist Eliezer Solomonovich Lazarev was born in Odessa on the 18th November 1891.He became an anarchist communist at the age of fourteen. 472 more words


On the Eve of Eleventh Year of Teaching, A To Do List


By teaching much more than the
White narrative of American and global history
Struggles for liberty and justice

By acknowledging your… 457 more words


Witches Against Hate

We Interrupt Those Choosing Hate.” Go Witches!!! The not Klan hoods are a nice touch.

(If I had been there I might have suggested “interdict,” “inhibit,” “impede”—but we’ll worry about that if it ever comes up in a course of English Composition or Rhetoric. 19 more words

White Supremacy

The Lights Blew Out in Charlottesville

Gandhi stated, “a nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”, and I firmly believe this to be true. The events of last Friday and Saturday in Charlottesville was a blatant show of hatred and disrespect for human life and different races. 150 more words


Listening in on the Grown-Ups: an early lesson in taking a stand on what's right and true

My brain sometimes works like a Facebook feed — memories flash across and I think “Whoa — I haven’t thought of that in a long time!” Just now, I watched Jimmy Fallon’s intro from right after the Charlottesville horror, and as he mentioned his own two young children, a memory of my parents flashed through my mind. 327 more words