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Fix. Change. Resist. Repeat.

The man on the phone is speaking about his relationship with his teenage son. Things are not going well. The man has the experience that the son is keeping him at arm’s length, not allowing he, the father, to get close to him. 412 more words

Philosophy And Culture

Ingress and Cemeteries

Since I started playing Ingress I’ve found myself walking down streets I’d never normally walk, staring at buildings I’d never looked at before, and finding details that bring joy to the few who are willing to notice. 305 more words


Arlington, Texas, School Board Takes a Stand Against High-Stakes Testing

Texas is the home of high-stakes testing, and it is also home to some independent school boards who are sick of high-stakes testing. After 20 years or more of using testing to reward, punish, and shame students, teachers, principals, and schools, those closest to the schools know that this strategy has failed. 420 more words


Understanding the message of fear + new coaching programs!

When we try something new, or sense that change is on the horizon, or when we’re in a murky transition period that seems to have no end, … 765 more words


Wildlife Services makes 2014 report

Editor’s Note:

Hello, subscribers, let me apologize for not updating in awhile.  I have multiple new projects going on, including the Restoring Sanity essay series (with Susan Hyatt) and a new book.   544 more words

Rounding up Resistance

The other day a friend asked if it was true that the herbicide Roundup (or glyphosate) caused celiac disease. My knee-jerk response was that these days Roundup is blamed for everything from celiac to… 647 more words

Politics of Style: Subculture and Circulation

Last time on Politics of Style, we discussed how personal style intersects with a whole host of problems related to personal choice and political action.  What does it mean for self-fashioning to be political, and what are the limits of collective political action in the arena of style? 1,758 more words