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“A True Artist – the Perfect Candidate”

Last year, I received an award that was given to another person as well. We were both selected by the committee to receive the residency in question. 777 more words


Ireland's Harp, A Beauty Silenced

In a world as vast and large as ours, with so many peoples and groups, it seems everyone desires some form of identity, a grounding sense that they belong to a specific place or group. 430 more words

The French Revolution (4/17-4/28)

Quote for Today: Richelle Goodrich

If you couldn’t sense heat, you’d not be alive. And if that heat never grew uncomfortable, you would never move. And if you were stagnant—unchallenged by unpredictable flares—you would never grow capable of shielding yourself from harsher flames. 27 more words

Quote For Today

Slay The Dragon

Now today I feel like writing. I broke my rule of only two coffees a day. This is the third one. The weather is shitty, muddy, rainy, gritty. 614 more words

The Controller

He had done it again. They had their work day planned out, but once again their boss had other plans for them to do something far less useful. 982 more words

Awareness And Reality

Resisting Ourselves

It’s been a good couple of weeks for resistance, the fingers-in-the-ear, la la la I can’t hear you variety. I’ve been putting some pretty serious energy into noticing others’ faults, imagining different ways to order the world, and telling myself I should be doing almost everything better or at least differently. 303 more words