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Marching Thoughts

Black boys and girls have been getting
shot for centuries, but now that the
bullets are hitting white children’s
bodies, the whole country is on the… 93 more words


Resistance Is Futile, Neo

I feel alone in this world
as if the collective is insane
and I’m the only one
who merely thinks he is.

Perhaps I should stop… 39 more words


The Gathering Storm

The naming of John Bolton as Trump’s new National Security Advisor is a dark cloud over the White House. As the third sentence of Friday’s… 501 more words


Work For The People Or You Will Be Voted Out in November

Today, millions of people gathered to march against gun violence for the March For Our Lives Movement and I had the honor of taking part in a sister march with my parents in Montgomery this morning. 272 more words

High School: 1962 vs 2018

What was I worried about when I was in high school? Civil rights? Sure, but my school board got ahead of the curve when it carefully drew a diagonal line to sort kids into two high schools. 450 more words


On the Day of the March for Our Lives

This is the day of the days,
when the accumulated dead
black men and women
the dead schoolchildren
and the incarcerated immigrants,
when the accumulated dead trees… 454 more words

Onward and upward

Poster talk

I thought the March for Our Lives rally in Boston would be bigger than the Women’s March but not so sure at the time we left (early to get to The Paramount). 68 more words

Social Justice