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War with Resistance

Steven Pressfield, in The War of Art, chronicles the war against Resistance, a war in which all writers engage. Indeed, it’s the on-going battle everyone must fight to achieve their purpose: 300 more words



These days it’s
squeezing juice
out from a lemon,
grinding pulp
over plastic
until nothing
means nothing.

We can go
to different houses,
provided shoes… 66 more words

Pink Pussyhats

Streaming out of the subway in waves of pink exuberance, New York City women had lost none of the energy from last year’s Women’s March. Signs abounded, screaming opposition to Donald Trump and the harm his decisions have done to American life and the welfare of the planet. 552 more words


The Dutch Jews who fought back

In the Netherlands, the only pre-war group that immediately started resistance against the German occupation was the communist party. During the first two war years, it was by far the biggest resistance organization, much bigger than all other organizations put together. 603 more words


Bye Bye Bye: A Shot-By-Shot Interpretation Of Justin Timberlake's *Woke* "Supplies" Video

Justin Timberlake wants you to know he’s woke. He gets it. He’s basically the best ally a girl, person of color and/or queer could ever hope for. 1,371 more words


Are You Struggling or Resisting?

Struggle is a way or word I used to describe (parts) my life. I am struggling to get by. I am struggling to make more money. 636 more words