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Dreaming in the Shadows

Don’t let them paint you blue

when you were born to be

the colour of sunshine.

They will envy

your happiness

and despise

your innocence… 12 more words

All the Lonely Children

perhaps just around the corner from
where I sit right now,
there is a child, who’s
all alone.
Or worse yet,
still in the captivity of… 196 more words


Whatever You Resist, Persists

“Whatever you resist, persists.” It’s a simple enough concept, right? Terribly difficult to put into practice though, especially when you’ve got an anxiety disorder. For those that don’t know, I’ve suffered from intrusive disturbing thoughts over the last few months since the beginning of March that had left be crippled from within and contemplating death (at the time). 286 more words


Republican Collusion

To the world at large:  The Resistance to a Russian Federation attack on the US election of 2016 continues.  I just posted this e-mail to all of the representatives of my state.  135 more words


When People Rise

There is a weariness that
Comes with hopelessness and hunger
It descends like a night with
No end in sight
And takes over
Becomes too heavy a load… 206 more words