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PRIDE Rally: Modern Hate Group?

Oh CaliConservative, here you go being all homophobic and bigoted. Can’t say that I am surprised considering that you are a teabagging wingnut Trumptard.

The Pride movement is all about love, and of course love now means resisting the commander-in-cheeto at all costs! 1,017 more words


A Form of Beauty in A City Filled With Fear

I went on a walk today and captured this. My broken iPhone 6 does not allow me to capture all of its beauty, but you gotta work with what ya got. 191 more words

Receiving Criticism

What’s the best and worst criticism you’ve ever received? And how did you assimilate it?

I’m interested in experiences of any kind of critique you may have received on any kind of creative activity–art, craft, music, writing, athletics, business–anything. 151 more words

no days off

Bob Marley was shot in his home just two days before he was set to headline a free concert to help unite the political factions in Jamaica. 84 more words

"beating my lazy part" by Julia in her bed

Saturday June 24, 2017
5 minutes
Writing Down The Bones
Natalie Goldberg

if there ever was a time to play dead it’s now.

in the heart of being asked to set the table. 70 more words