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Too Loud (Poem)

I didn’t want to comment on recent events because I felt so overwhelmingly frustrated, both by what happened and by the fact that I didn’t want to just post an angry tweet and feel like I’d done my part. 319 more words


Both Sides Now

So it’s come to this, an American president defending Nazis, calling them fine people. We tried to warn you. It was obvious this man was unhinged, undisciplined, unfit, but you refused to listen. 202 more words


Opening the shutters

Resistance invigorates your opponent. (You can watch it happen.) Therefore, resist nothing.

What happens to darkness when light floods the room? Where does it go? What went?

Keith Ashford

Unusual fitness classes to try

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Battle against the current

If you think cycling on the road is hard, try it underwater. According to Aquaspin (from $16/45 minutes), Singapore’s first underwater biking class, water offers 42 times more resistance than air. 85 more words


Existence, Resilience, Resistance, and Persistence

Always wondered the adrenaline the Formula 1 racers feel on the circuit. Our life is very much like a circuit filled with marvels at each bend, at every curve, at every stretch. 828 more words


The task before us

For those of us who want societal liberation from capitalism, racism, sexism and all other forms of oppression, the last few days have been a cauldron of emotions. 404 more words