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Cemeteries as Resistance through Deception - The Walking Dead Season 7

The cemetery at Alexandria comes to embody the fictional community in The Walking Dead. Beside the walls of the settlement, framed by a house and planted evergreens, it grows and defines the community… 291 more words

The Walking Dead

activism ~ a word from:

#meme (screen shot facebook post) reads:

Bigot: I demand that you carefully consider my position and patiently refute my points one by one and then, when I move the goalposts, I’m gonna need you to refute a whole set of new completely disingenuous points, and I’m going to need this to go on all day. 98 more words


We All Shine On

My Secular Advent, Day Seven

The first week of Advent celebrates hope. We rest in the darkness waiting and preparing for the glorious event that we know is coming. 269 more words


i am

no more about

browns and blues.

i am

about eyes

with no vison.

i am

about bodies

struggling to stand.

i am

about birds… 86 more words


Antibiotics increasingly seen as a double-edged sword

Antibiotics normally act in concert with an organism’s immune system to eliminate an infection. However, the drugs can have broad side effects, including eliminating “good” bacteria in the course of fighting off a pathogen. 524 more words

Everyday Science

Today’s recovery Plan

I’m aware I’m not out of the woods yet, and vulnerable to descent into gloom and anxiety. So for a start I’m having a long lie. 543 more words


i often wonder about the patriarchy


Yes. Yes I do.

I wonder sometimes if I was a middle to upper class white guy, how much different my world would look right now. 447 more words