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New Mexico: Only You Can Stop Test Mania

Representative Bill McCamley of Las Cruces, New Mexico, has advice for disgruntled parents who object to the roliferation of standardized tests.

“These feelings reached a boiling point this year. 252 more words

Standardized Testing

Opt Outs Soar in Washington State

Something amazing is happening. Parents have discovered that they have the power to bring corporate reform to a halt. They do it by telling their children not to take the test. 60 more words


The Story Behind the Dyett Hunger Strike in Chicago

Eve L. Ewing has written a moving and important article about the meaning of the fight for Dyett. It is far more important than the closing of one school in Chicago. 1,423 more words

Education Reform

Latest Edition of the Tower of Babel

I’ve noted often that if you evaluate Western Civilization by Western values, it’s hard to notice the flaws. There are different kinds and levels of systems, but Western Civilization as a system is devoted to proving the system is right. 1,350 more words


Dyett Hunger Strike Day 10: Striker Collapses

The hunger strikers at Dyett High School in Chicago entered its 10th day.

The strikers want Dyett to be reopened as the only remaining neighborhood in their neighborhood, Bronzeville. 298 more words


College Readiness and the New Civil Rights Movement

This photo gives new meaning to teaching children & teens to be “college ready.” In addition to academic mastery and skills, our students need to develop critical consciousness and to prepare for… 195 more words