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event horizon

feel your inner Gollum
feel it and stop feeding it

starve it by “overfeeding” it

be with the it
let it melt & shine through

Hedge Clippers Revive '60s Tactics to Exposé the 1%

Ginia Bellafante has a dynamite article in The Néw York Times about a new protest organization called the “Hedge Clippers.”

The Hedge Clippers picket, demonstrate, and call attention to the political activities of the 1%. 346 more words

Education Reform

A Handbook for Education Activists

I have not read this book yet, but it looks like a must read. People are always asking, “What can I do to save our public schools? 456 more words


NEWSFLASH: Reason for Jade Helm? => Chechnya Threatens to Arm Mexico

Russia will help Mexico take back states the US bought from Mexico in 1848 and 1853, if the US arms Ukraine. This makes the most sense of any explanation I have come across:  324 more words


‘Literature in Our Time / In our Time, Literature’

Words by Dr Mario Aquilina


The question of literature in our time may also be posed as question of syntax. Consider the two following phrases, both of which contain the same words but arranged and punctuated differently. 998 more words

In Our Time

Night train to Lisbon

I watched this movie as a last resistance to silence that descended around midnight after the honey-coloured day of an early autumn went to sleep. Sun is always ripest at this time of year, just before to shrivel into the rigidity of winter. 1,530 more words


A drowned life

There is so much to say,

but words are not there

drowned leaves,

taken by the forces,

resistance, doesn’t fight the force.

A lot of times I would… 35 more words