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Bro Ties and Bow Ties: A Look at Male Relationships


Jake R. Goldblum

The issue of hyper-masculinity in college men is well documented. So, I’ll spare some space by telling you that it’s a problem up front. 834 more words

Fit for the Future Profile - Donny McCormick

Please meet Donny McCormick, a new member of the Fit for the Future Group.

Name: Donny McCormick

Job within the University: ResLife Co-ordinator

Role within the Fit for the Future Group: I sit on the Mental Health Theme sub group… 136 more words

5 Reasons I Returned as an RA

It is that time of year for re-applications as Resident Assistants. I returned this year for many reasons and I will share those with you below. 517 more words


Symptoms Of An Open Door

Last semester I asked my residents what I could do to be a better RA. Most of them said that I was the best RA ever and needed to stay exactly the same because I’m perfect (kidding). 722 more words


Midnight Madness

I think there is a general attitude in college students that the busier you are, the better off you are. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had where people appear to compete against each other for who had the busiest schedule. 504 more words


All About That Conference Life

Being a part of Housing and Residence Life usually means, at some point, you will attend some sort of conference. My freshman year was full of opportunities to get involved, and I found myself signing up for the NACURH 2013 conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 457 more words


Eyes to the Future

Today I had the wonderful experience participating in an informational session for future RAs. After a powerpoint presentation by one of the heads of our department, candidates could ask questions of each hall director. 487 more words