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Alice In Wonderland Bulletin Board

For my bulletin board, I decided to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme. I painted the background with a few different types of regular paint and sparkly paint. 67 more words


Battleship (Root) Beer Pong

This program was a great way to start off the fall semester and enjoy the sunshine. This was an alcohol awareness program and showed residents that you can have fun without alcohol. 256 more words


Door Decs

The probability of even a few of my readers having experience in working in collegiate residential life is slim, but doing work study as a Lead Resident Assistant (LRA) is such a big part of my life and I wanted to share one of my favorite parts about this experience. 564 more words


I'm Fond(ue) of You

This was  program that fulfilled my requirement for diversity/ inclusivity. My apologies for the (very) low quality picture of my flyer.

To make the fondue, I used my crockpot and doubled the recipe that I found online. 268 more words


Finding your Identi-Tea

Finding your Identi-Tea was a program that covered the category of career planning. For this program, ask your residents to bring a web enabled device such as a phone or laptop. 232 more words


Volkswagen Bus Door Decorations and Bulletin Board

I made both of these directly before Spring break which perfectly connected with the themes of traveling and adventure. For the door decorations, I used construction paper and scrapbook paper. 219 more words


DIY Kinetic Sand

I had a lot of hope for this program, and used a recipe that I found on pinterest. I ordered fine play sand on Amazon that was close to $20 for a 25lb box. 193 more words