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Don't Forget Me

Because I will NEVER forget you.

I’m looking at you South Hall.

The days are becoming longer, which I’m somewhat ok with. It gives me more time to reflect. 1,380 more words

It’s Okay to Not be Okay: Thoughts from a Survivor


Jake R. Goldblum, M.S.Ed.

Warning: Discussion of physical/sexual abuse.

“I’m strong, powerful, and successful.” At least that’s what I tell myself time and time again in order to hide the fact that I really feel weak, powerless, and like a complete failure most of the time. 462 more words

The Retired Glorified Babysitting Continues

“Are you not entertained?  Are you not entertained?  Is this not why you are here?”

Alright, alright, I’m being dramatic.  But think of it like this, if you’ve ever been a Residential Advisor then you know what it means to keep people from a) attempting to watch the entire world burn b) killing themselves and c) killing each other.   731 more words

Personal Musings

Learning as I go

I’m just a girl who loves a lot of things. As a college junior nearly 1,000 miles from home I’ve changed quite a bit since I took my first steps on campus over three years ago. 552 more words

Stoners Decide to Glaze It, Not Blaze It

SIMPSON— The largest annual pot day in the USA, 4/20, is looking a little different this year. With 2-3in of rain expected, it’s literally putting a damper on stoners most celebrated day. 189 more words

Simpson College

Tired of the Library? Manchesters top Revision Spots

Yes, it’s that time again… It always seems to come round so quick! No not Christmas, But, the joyous occasion of exams and revision stresses. Hair may be pulled out, books thrown at the wall and copious amounts of Procrastination may possibly take place. 750 more words

Reslife Silences Survivors

Last fall an RA reported to her superiors that her abuser was present on staff. After an entire semester of complaints from a multitude of staffers about this abuser, the Director of Res Life relented. 350 more words