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National Picnic Month

Picnics! How cool is it that there is a month dedicated to them? Let’s look into the picnic theme and see what you can do with it for your residents throughout the year! 210 more words

College Advice: Living on Campus

For those of you who don’t know, I just finished my first year as a Computer Science major at the University of Michigan. During my stay, I lived on campus in the dorms. 693 more words


National Grilling Month

Time to get out and grill! Let cook up a great bunch of items for your residents to take a bite of!

Whether you give them the pieces and they create their own burger, you make grills themselves, or any of the various other things you can put on the grill (chicken, steak, pizza, etc.) your residents are sure to like some awesome… 163 more words

National Make a Difference to Children Month

Giving back is such a great feeling and especially to children – are there many better ways to spend your month? Happy National┬áMake a Difference to Children Month! 250 more words

My Own Questions. Their Own Answers

Only 10 minutes until midnight and instead of sleeping I am writing a blog post. To make it even more interesting it’s a blog post explaining why I have a blog post. 293 more words


National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month? YES PLEASE! Here are some great ways to help your residents cool off from summer and prep for a great semester on your campus! 262 more words

Recycling Month

Recycling! Yay! This is such an important month it should be celebrated during all twelve! The best news? You can! And so can your residents! Many ways to reduce, reuse, recycle such as: 198 more words