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Thoughts on roommates in college

I love the Office of Residence Life very much, with a few exceptions: When they are telling me my string contraptions are fire hazards, when they tell me I can’t stay in my River Terrace apartment for more than a year, and when they tell me I need a meal plan. 653 more words

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A Love Letter to Housing Operations

On this, the loveliest of days, I want to express my love and gratitude of all those members of Housing Operations teams, particularly those professionals who work in assignments. 822 more words

Residential life works to improve dorm conditions

Amyleigh Hoffine


This is the first year of the Residential Life’s Six Year plan, which outlines the improvements that are going to be made around the campus dorms. 669 more words


Patience and Asking for Help


It’s a thing.  Especially when you have challenging students that you work with on a near constant basis.  I’m not speaking of students who are actively argumentative, but rather, those who are less direct with their displeasure.   440 more words


Words Hurt Bulletin Board (Warning: Contains Extreme Profanity)

In the residence hall that I live and work in we have a huge bulletin board right inside the front doors. This board gets a theme each month and is decorated and posted in such a way as to benefit, or at least get the attention of, residents. 322 more words

Just Another Day

Silly First-Years, Theme Housing Isn't For Kids

As if the Housing Lottery wasn’t tough enough for first-year students, it seems like Theme Housing won’t be a way to sneak into an apartment this year. 142 more words


Students React to Acland Door Announcement [Updated]

In an email to The Thrill, Jill Engel-Hellman, the Director of Housing and Residential Life, said “the decision was made in consultation with Campus Safety and Maintenance to bring these spaces into line with all of the other apartments with exterior doors across campus.” Additionally, ResLife looked into purchasing sliding doors that auto-lock (similar to all other apartment doors) but found that they do not exist. 522 more words