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Do you know what is the difference between GRATITUDE and an ATTITUDE? Does it relate each other?

Hi All,

Imagine, we are in an intensive situation where we feel so lonely without having a bear support to carry through our emotions forward… On that time, we have a question that sparks to our mind from our warm-hearted soul; 423 more words

An Attitude With An Gratitude

Oh Well...Tomorrow Is Another Day?

Our resoluteness, notwithstanding, we cannot always get what we want in life. BELIEVE ME, I’m speaking from personal experiences… memories of two score and four years’ worth of my own disappointments. 292 more words


Quote ( spineless)

“There are times when you must put your foot on the ground and say enough is enough. You cannot accept everything. You are not meant to be a vegetable or spineless. 23 more words


Resolute Haiku

In spite of it all
Her faith in human nature
Remains resolute

4 September 2018


Oh, Resolute - What Pegman Saw

“Welcome home.” My mom and dad grip me in one of those suffocating familial bear hugs. “Everyone has missed you.”

We trudge through the cold wind, even though it’s summer, with my bags hoisted on our backs. 151 more words

Flash Fiction

What Pegman Saw : Three weeks out of Resolute

The twins were the first to reach the shoreline, barreling through the snow like ploughs, kicking up the powder with heavy boots.

The rest of us followed at our own speed, striding,  limping, managing best we could with whatever loads or injuries we laboured under. 188 more words

Human Flagpoles

“But it’s so cold up here, Grandfather.” The nine-year-old huddled with the rest of his brothers and sisters around the aged Inuit in front of the fireplace in the family hut. 335 more words

Short Story