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WPC: Against the Odds - The Wind

This swallowtail butterfly resolutely clings to the flowers and beats his wings feverishly against a very brisk wind. We watched him for several minutes and he never budged from the spot. 32 more words


Giving myself time every week.

I have decided, and it won’t be easy, to commit to giving myself at least one evening/day every week to do something for me.

This boils down to me realising that if I really want to be able to reflect, move forward and make decisions I also need to dedicate some time to me every week, whether it  is a whole day, a 1/2 day or just an evening it is just important that I find that time. 126 more words

General Musings

"making time"

Today, I am resolute.

It’s not exactly “happy”, but it is, in its own way, “positive”.

Today, I am, or shall be, resolute in not reserving and making time for those that does not want my time.


Chapter 6 - Resolute lies the Will of One who has tasted Failure once

The winds had halted, their very breaths held in anticipation, all eyes set at the Consiliur’s tower. The second princess would pick an aide tonight. 1,418 more words

Quest For The Living Water

2017 Resolutions

I promised a post with New Year’s Resolutions, but we’re already up to January 10th. The year is whipping by fast. What happened?
On New Years Day I looked around to take stock and I noticed that I have become middle-aged and I am a failure on pretty much every level. 869 more words

the resolute kindness


I wish you all a bright season, and thank you for camaraderie and for showing interest in my work. For the first time in many years, since 2005 to be exact, I will be spending this holiday with family. 499 more words

Useless Resolution

She’d been nursing her drink for a while observing her surroundings; the darkness made it possible for her to see without being seen. There were many people here: young women, flushed with newly found desire, young men filled with lust. 390 more words

Short Story