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Blunt fingernails pluck at the binds

Loose me of these confines
My mind’s eye holds a clear picture
A stunning landscape of my purpose… 54 more words


Upon the Pyre

Ash falling like snow

I shake free the sooted past

Exposed, purified.


The Secure Cure

The Secure Cure

Being secure is the cure for everything that ails your heart.
Why do you battle?
Why do you fret and fear?
Do you now know… 205 more words


Eyes of the Heart

To fight for joy – and to see with the heart what we should, so that we can obtain that joy, that’s the premise of John Piper’s “When I Don’t Desire God.” 495 more words

Chipping Away At The Mountain

Miss Scarlet

I am sitting in the airport in Baltimore when I hear over the intercom “Is there a Scarlet O’Hare here?”

I immediately perk up and look for a dark haired, green eyed beauty walking with her charming cad of a husband. 212 more words


I resolute to ...

Learn more. Read more. Live in the now. Love more unto others and myself.

I resolute to eat better. Drink more water. Excersize more.

I resolute to laugh more. 16 more words

The last week of 2017 i.e. Week 1

I might have stumbled upon a revolutionary discovery in resolutions. The best time to start a new year’s resolution is to start one week ahead. That’s right. 555 more words