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An Ongoing Issue - Any Hope, Any Conclusions?

North Korea is a hard case to tackle. Any and all resolutions we have adopted, North Korea has managed to evade, violate, and overall ignore the consequential details of how he treats the people of his state. 324 more words

UN Official

Pseudo Writer on Creative Drive and yet another (late) Birthday Resolution

    It’s unfortunate that “drive” has been an inconsistent aspect of my creative process. When I have it, I never figure out which idea to prioritise, and when I don’t’ have it, I blame it on not having enough time to come up with ideas.  486 more words


High Resolution Television

The expansion of hdtv is High-definition television. The hdtv means television signals broadcast with a higher resolution than traditional formats like NTSC, SÉCAM, PAL. The hdtv is broadcasted digitally, except for early analog formats in Europe and Japan. 130 more words

Cloud Coverage- pt. 5

Everything carried a yellowish tint from the powdery film of pollen which coated the world. For the first time in over a year, Charles decided to reach out to the God he once worshiped. 1,018 more words

Attractionless - Being AroAce & Dealing With It Like An Adult


It’s been almost a year since I started toying with the idea that I’m asexual. In that time, I’ve thought I was ace, gray-ace (grace), aro, panromantic… It’s been confusing as hell. 719 more words