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Everyday New

Wipe it clean

This bad dream

Lasted too long

So it seems.

A new start

A healed heart

Calling me

Do my part.

Morning breaks… 47 more words

Creative Writing

Light Shines and Eases In

I will certainly not ascertain that life is all about light. I have seen and known enough that we struggle, and that we experience darkness, pain, isolation and loneliness. 271 more words

The Four Pillars of Fiction Part 1: PLOT

You may be familiar with this basic outline of what a plot graph looks like, and it is nice for writing a basic outline for a story. 694 more words


Council requests temporary halt of rail property takeovers past Middle Street

The Honolulu City Council approved a resolution Wednesday that urges the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation to hold off on taking over more properties for rail until a recovery plan is finalized. 217 more words


Goondu review: Sony PS-HX500 record player

(Source: www.techgoondu.com)

In the age of digital music, vinyl records have survived partly because the act of putting on the LP and nudging a needle towards the groove on the spinning record somehow makes the act of listening to music all the more involving. 429 more words


First things first

Even before my eyes open in the morning, I reach for my phone. My arm is on autopilot and it brings me that which I crave. 191 more words

How to Use Conflict to Give Your Novel a Sense of Direction

Anyone with small kids is familiar with this situation: they argue over (take your pick). One says, “I want it.” The other says, “No, I do.” Or one says, “Let’s do ___,” and the other says, “No, let’s do ___.” As a parent, you can step in, which you often do. 966 more words

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