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Time flies .....

Appears I haven’t posted here in a while….. Oops! I was reading my first couple of posts and was about to start writing how I had once again failed at my New Years resolutions because once again I hadn’t got skinny this year and then I stopped and reflected. 162 more words

Secrets Usvision 43 Inch Hd 960h X 240v Resolution

Comptech springs decrease the CL by about 1.5 inches, and different Comptech manufacturing parts are used together with the front and rear sway bars. Honda R & D Americas designed the prototype aero body equipment, and excessive performance 19-inch wheels and tires are fitted. 190 more words

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With the debut of the utterly redesigned 2003 Honda Accord comes a new realm of prospects for customization. Envisioned and customized by Honda, the 2003 Honda Accord Concept Coupe exemplifies a brand new path to a platform that has historically been among the hottest within the industry to modify. 225 more words

Overdoing It

Truth be told I, over do things all the time. I stick my big fat nose into places it shouldn’t be and I like to tell people how things should be handled. 365 more words


Day 2.31 ~ You Are In Charge

I’ve seen this one before, but I’m still guilty of it. Too often in the last month I’ve caught myself eating for the sake of eating, not because I needed the food or was even necessarily hungry! 88 more words

Healthy Choices

99 Mastery of Completion

September is the ninth month of the year and it holds the energy for completion and for resolution. The number 9 is the end of a series of numbers 1 through 8 then 9 and a return to the number 1 since the 10 is 1+0=1. 668 more words

Empathy, Sympathy, and Accountability: The Drawbridge Story

Responsibility and Accountability

In the next class, after the usual roll call and payments, Sid said he wanted to talk about responsibility. He took an example, that of a Baron and Baroness, with the Baroness involved in a clandestine love affair––the old Drawbridge Exercise you can find in a quick search online. 629 more words


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