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Learning to create a blog: for Rachel

Dear Rachel,

This is specially for you my darling.  :)


Books I'm Currently Reading

Hello, in my blog post The Blog About Resolutions I said one of my resolutions was to read more. Well I’m trying but finding the time is hard at times, but when I can I do read. 192 more words


On Being Fourteen and The Downward Spiral Into Heavy Substance Abuse: The Beginning.

People are always shocked, if not appalled, when they find out about the very first time I began using (at the age of fourteen) and what my gateway drug was. 1,551 more words


Priority #1: You!

I came across a post on Facebook recently, it read “In 4 months its 2017, I wonder where the last 8 months went!” I also wondered the same, though a few months were really hectic and long at work, including some days where I wondered when they will finally end and I can go to bed. 510 more words


Year in Review: Halfway Point Edition

It’s been a loooong time since I blogged. I fell off the wagon, so to speak, in a big way. I started a new job in April, and that’s basically the last time I updated. 827 more words

Everything is magic until it becomes routine

Everything is magic until it becomes routine

This sentence right here made me get up from my bed, throw the covers away from my body and turn on the lights to write this at 1 in the morning.

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Trick Yourself With This Exercise

This 1 minute exercise will help you in your relationships, but can also work in many areas of your life.

The next time you find yourself in an argument with a loved one, act as… 105 more words