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I'm going down

Five weeks ladies and gentlemen, I’ve made it five weeks into my no drinking in 2016 resolution challenge. Since i’m not drinking i’m also saving on the calories and that’s starting to show it’s progress as well. 242 more words


This past weekend.

Alright so I feel like this is going to be a long post.

On Wednesday I applied to Goodlife Fitness, for those who are not from Canada, this is just a gym pretty much the biggest gym company in Canada. 2,335 more words


So for 2016 I had a few goals in mind:

No Facebook for an undetermined amount of time, limit Instagram to once daily, exercise more, get into school, eat a little bit healthier, and, I really want to move out of my parents. 461 more words

Insight Into Me

Small Wins - Big Wins; They are Still WINS

I am super excited because I finally finally completed one of my online courses!!

I have been enrolling and un-enrolling in these online courses through edX and Coursera for the longest time but I have never been able to sit down and go through the lectures and assessments- because let’s be honest life happens and free online courses take a back seat. 170 more words


A Resolute Twenty Sixteen

I’m well aware that January is over so the discussion of resolutions have probably been had and about fifty percent of them broken! It’s hard to make real promises of change when we get caught up in the day to day temptations of life. 744 more words


A new year

Its a new year , yes in February it is anew year and basically it is the Chinese new year today which is pretty cool. … 133 more words

New Year