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What is the time? There's no time

Song of the day: “gotta go my own way” by Vanessa Hudgens.


In this day and age, everything is in fast forward, we rush through life, rush through schooling, rush through work and rush through relationships. 298 more words


2018 Mid Year Goals

2018 is my last year of university, and probably my last year in Brisbane and even Australia, so I’m really trying to get my life on track, so that I can attempt to start a fresh and positive life in 2019. 233 more words


On my way....

Well, I did my weekly weigh in this morning and man, am I stoked! It may only be a small but I feel so proud. 184 more words


Confessions of a Pastor's Wife ... The Church and the House Cat

I have a running joke that goes around in my head that I might as well have been born on the front pew of my home church.  1,042 more words



Song of the day: “Ref” by pentatonix


I learnt one lesson on trust that stayed with me because it fit with my personality. A dog taught me. 283 more words


I'm in love, with myself?

Song of the day: “life for rent” by Dido.


When we were young, we were full of dreams, what the world would be like, what our lives will be like and what changes would come from us to the world. 561 more words


23 Resolutions For My 23rd Year

Happy Friday everyone! If you can’t tell by the title of this post, today is my birthday! I am officially 23 years old–which is completely crazy and I am totally not certain how I feel about being allowed to be more adult than I was before (Like honestly, who gave me permission to do things?!). 1,580 more words