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Happy Canada Day! May You Happily Resonate CANADIAN!

I wrote this piece for the 150 year celebration of Canada in 2017. It is repubulished today with updated information and links.  We just keep evolving!    743 more words

Resonance Repatterning

Be the Change

Change is inevitable! It is the only thing constant in life. You can either resist it, or embrace it like an adventure. It is not always easy to do, but it is necessary if you want to live an extraordinary life. 664 more words


Flavor of mercury retrograde March 5 – March 28: Pisces

Each and every Mercury retrograde has its own personality or flavor in that it highlights the astrological picture of the moment and asks us to pay attention in a particular way. 343 more words

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A New Year - A New You

Reinventing ourselves comes from within. It does help to have a planetary shift similar the one we had on the winter solstice December 21, 2012 which coincided with the end of the Mayan calendar.  621 more words


Make Peace Personal in 2018 - with Carolyn Winter on September 1st


  1.  Give me permission to include your field of energy in the sessions and personalize these sessions for your participation by completing this form .
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In this session we did the Entrainment Resonance Repatterning. The post is now updated with the session notes.  Make your intentions if you have not already then watch the video and notice how the hologram anticipated you!  Click here for the September 1st Session Notes Keep peace in your thoughts - the world needs it! With love and light Carolyn

When Nothing Happens After the Healing and Transformation...

The joy of committing to doing healing work of any kind – traditional therapy or repatterning is the anticipation that the problems in our lives will dissipate or be resolved and we will be happier.   677 more words

Resonance Repatterning

Nun Karma Group Repatterning to support Job/Career Goals and Success

Is a Nun Karma aspect  blocking your job or career success?
The path of enlightenment for many over the ages involved joining a group, whereby one’s spiritual life could be sheltered and protected as in a Convent or Monastery.   239 more words

Resonance Repatterning