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The Monopoly Curse: Bad Management at Google

The recent Google news will be reviewed in another post soon. The Damore Google Memo affair, in which management threw a high-level employee under the bus for wrongthink and thereby assisted in damaging Google’s image of political neutrality among a large share of the population, is another sign that their management has been made stupid by the easy profits of its monopoly on search and near-monopoly on advertising. 2,510 more words


A Very Brief History of the Democratic Republic of Congo

This year I’m using the DRC as a major case study in underdevelopment (it is last on the UN’s HDI rankings after all) – Here’s my (mainly cut and paste from Wikipedia) very brief history of the DRC – I’ll add in video links, general links, pictures and extracts from numerous books later…  1,667 more words

Global Development

Ten days and two culture nights--the intercultural learning journey

Before boarding the plane to Kenya, I was not thinking much about culture let alone the differences between Kenyan and Swiss culture. This changed gradually over the course of the summer academy, to the extent that on the way back most of the discussions with my fellow Swiss participants were about how we experienced the cultural differences and what we thought about them. 1,109 more words


Africa's Resource Curse

Below is a link to an excellent podcast from the BBC World Service. I have blogged on the resource curse before and the falls in commodity prices – oil and mining – over the last year have affected the sub-Saharan African countries that are dependent on their primary industries. 222 more words


DIP: Venuezuela knows it well

Oil, Volatility and Institutions: Cross-Country Evidence from Major Oil Producers

Authors: El-Anshasy A. (United Arab Emirates University)
Mohaddes 197 more words
Economics Papers

Issues on China-Africa Trade and Development​ Relations.[part 1]

“China is a sleeping giant, let her sleep for when she awakes she will astound the world”~Napoleon Bonaparte

“Politics is a war without bloodshed whilst a war is politics with bloodshed”~Mao Zedong… 1,687 more words

Post-Colonial Africa

What were the real causes of the Angolan Civil war?

Resources or a complexity of causal?


MPLA: Movimento Popular para a Libertação de Angola ~Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola

UNITA: Uniã Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola… 2,116 more words

Post-Colonial Africa