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Feudal Fuel in Fossilized Lands

Profile :  Sachin W Bonde / Feudal Fuel in Fossilized Lands/  Sushma Sabnis

In a world where the human population and its unforgiving dependency on fossil fuel consumption tips the balance of the world’s natural resources, artist and printmaker Sachin W Bonde brings forth a critique which fuels the minds of the viewer, with his drawings, prints and installations..a profile by Sushma Sabnis.. 1,718 more words

Sushma Sabnis

The resource curse: how dependence on oil and gas hurts communities in the long run

Two recent studies provide clear evidence of a well-understood fact: communities that base their economies on oil and gas may enjoy a short term boom, but they suffer in the long term in per capita income, educational attainment and crime rate. 827 more words

Fracking Informaation

New Zealand - Resource Curse in reverse with falling dairy prices

I have mentioned the resource curse in previous posts especially those countries with natural resources. Below is an extract from a previous post.

Africa may have enormous natural reserves of oil, but so far most Africans haven’t felt the benefit. 238 more words


Greece - a victim of finance curse?

Those who have studied development economics will be familiar with the term ‘resource curse’ – a paradox of plenty, when countries or regions with abundance of natural resources tend to have less economic growth and worse development outcomes. 98 more words


Technical File: Oil and Gas Potential in Malawi - Mining Review (June 2015)

The Technical File “Oil and Gas potential in Malawi” featured below was initially published in Malawi’s Mining Review Issue Number 26, June 2015.

The Technical File series is written by a leading Mining and Environmental Management Expert, … 908 more words

Mining & Trade Review (Marcel Chimwala)

Trinidad and Tobago: Lessons From, and For, a Caribbean Model of Economic Growth. | by Dr. Zophia Edwards

When we think of spectacular economic growth, we often think of the economic stories of countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. However, Asia, with its ‘tigers’, is not the only region in the developing world with a profitable model of economic success. 1,419 more words

Guest Writers

Managing the Future by Managing the Energy Regime

Change in Energy Regime Complex due to focus on managing externalities of environmental damage and resource conflicts.

Energy is often said to be the basis of modern society, as it enables us to fulfil our basic human needs and it powers the world economy. 811 more words