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Is Newfoundland a Petrostate? Part Two

It is instructive to use gross domestic product (GDP) as a means of evaluating whether Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) has become a rentier state. Let us… 937 more words


Movie Review: Virunga

Virunga, the Oscar nominated Netflix documentary directed by Orlando von Einsiedel and produced by Leonardo Di Caprio, centers on the ongoing civil conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with special attention to the Virunga National Park and the park rangers that risk life and limb protecting it. 546 more words

A plain-language guide to the Resource Curse

When a profitable new resource is discovered in a developing country, it can seem like the solution to the nation’s economic woes. In the initial rush of activity, the new revenue stream is expected to be a savior for the country’s economy and rapidly reduce poverty. 605 more words


Ghana can still overcome the Resource Curse: Ghana can be a Tiger

“We’re going to really zoom, accelerate, and if everything works, which I pray will happen positively, you come back in five years, and you’ll see that Ghana truly is the African tiger, in economic terms for development.” 1,050 more words


The Resource Curse

Taking a break from social justice issues that have populated this blog in recent months, I want to draw attention to economics, specifically something called the “resource curse”.   823 more words