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Digital Starter Kit

Check out the PPS Digital Starter Kit. This suggested list of software and online resources is only a starting point for users to accomplish a digital task. 62 more words


Liquid vs. granular fertilisers

I often get asked whether it is possible to use liquid fertilisers instead of granular fertilisers in professional lawn care. The answer to this question is yes, but there are some important factors to consider before dumping your spreaders. 443 more words


Intro to Fantasy Hockey

Introduction to Fantasy Hockey
By: Steven Warren
In a world where fantasy football is king; fantasy hockey is the lesser known brother in the fantasy world. 602 more words


It's That Time of Year: Lewis Diagrams

I don’t often find myself in need of pre-made Lewis diagrams, but when I do it is usually by the time it is too late to make my own before I need to use them with my students. 197 more words



Most people don’t realize how much math goes into grant writing.

What percentage of this group of people are in your area? What percentage of that percentage are you serving? 63 more words


Accessing LEARN

Please watch my short video that shows how to access the password-protected LES and other resources on LEARN using your EMSB password.

Your guide to care and support for adults 2017-18

“Your guide to care and support for adults 2017-18” is a publication which contains lots of useful information to enable people to stay independent in their own homes for as long as possible.   99 more words