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Resourced Based Economy

Written by Christine Rbe Thindi:

Financial troubles everywhere,
give you no time to be aware,
of what it is that causes it,
and it all seems so legit, 298 more words

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The Nation-State Has Got to Go, or Everybody Permaculture!

I’ve been meditating on this idea of the nation-state for a while. A gentleman that came to our Massachusetts Zeitgeist Day event in Cambridge last March commented that unless we get rid of the idea of nation-states, we will never have peace on the planet. 2,175 more words


Nothing on TV?: Tuesday, June 18

Buckminster Fuller on RBE

The late great self-made genius R. Buckminster Fuller discusses the ideas that lie behind a resource-based economy. 29 more words


Nothing on TV?: Tuesday, June 11

God is Dead?

Video for Black Sabbath’s new single God is Dead? directed by Peter Joseph (director of the Zeitgeist Movies)

Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka

This is permaculture heaven.


Nothing on TV?: Monday, June 10

Valedictorian speaks out about public school indoctrination

For the Next Generation

A film aiming to inspire positive change in a time that is very difficult for many across the planet, and to spread awareness of some serious challenges that lie ahead. 12 more words


Nothing on TV?: Thursday, June 6

Lee Camp, Moment of Clarity #238
Youtube description: Opening your eyes to the influences controlling our behaviors takes many steps. This is the first one. It’s perhaps the key to everything. 315 more words


O Soupy on Holdy

My last post where I mentioned I had a big announcement was a little preemptive. I assumed, which always makes an ass out of me, but oh well. 917 more words