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EBOOK: The Medical Staffing Guide: For Retainer-Based Clinics

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When you hire someone for a role in your medical practice, you can’t forget that you’re also hiring him or her to be a brand ambassador. 116 more words


Lia Veley: Where the heck did the middle class go?

The United States of America is built on the middle class, apparently. But the problem is, the middle class is rapidly disappearing.

 The biggest issue when looking at why the middle class is shrinking is the… 362 more words


Cities Skylines - Concrete ground cover mod? Are we getting close? (via /u/joergonix)

Concrete ground cover mod? Are we getting close?

I know that it has been debated and talked about and requested quite a bit, but are we any closer to a mod that would allow a proper concrete or general ground cover brush? 76 more words

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AdamJCopeland.com is Adam J. Copeland’s personal website. He was previously a pastor at a Presbyterian church, and he is now pursuing his PhD in rhetoric, writing and culture. 104 more words