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Day 971

Truth will set you free. But before that, it will piss you off. 

If you’ve heard public speaking gurus speak publicly, you will know that not all of them are as fantastic as they think they are. 438 more words


What the Health

The ‘What the Health’ documentary is yet another source that exposes the relationship between chronic disease development and consumption of animal products. The majority of this film is about the corruption of many government health organizations when delivering information to the public. 87 more words


Clarifying the Muscle Energy Technique

I recently heard from a reader who’d been struggling with SI joint dysfunction for several years.  One of the things she she mentioned is that she’d previously seen a physical therapist who was certified in the muscle energy technique, yet hadn’t experienced any benefit from her sessions. 999 more words


Ensuring Student Success: Monitoring the Person-Environment Fit

Among the most challenging situations for Check & Connect (C&C) mentors is addressing circumstances around person-environment fit. In C&C, person-environment fit refers to “simultaneously supporting students to change their behavior and encouraging the environment (parents, teachers, schools) to change policies or practices to enhance students’ engagement at school and with learning” (Christenson, Stout, & Pohl, 2012). 960 more words


The Uses of Dead Wizards

Warning: this may be vaguely gruesome to people who prefer more “clean”, “heroic”, or just plaing child-friendly games. It isn’t really that extreme, though.

What do you do when you’ve killed a magic beast? 686 more words


Literature and the Land: Reading and Writing for Environmental Literacy by Emma Rous

Heinemann is one of my favorite educational presses and I buy a lot of their books; I thought I had a good handle on their backlist.   266 more words

Curriculum Ideas

Resources for Academic Language Instruction: Vocabulary

Academic Word Lists: 

  • Coxhead , A. (2011). The academic word list 10 years on: Research and teaching implications. TESOL Quarterly, 45 (2) 355-362.
  • Gardner & Davies (2014) A new academic vocabulary list.
  • 236 more words