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When I was a child and saw terrible things happen (both in my life and in the world) I almost always thought:

“Man, if I was rich I could help and fix that problem” 116 more words


Teacher Created Resources Navy and Lime Wild Moroccan Sassy

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Teacher Created Resources Lime Moroccan Magnetic Strips 77147

Considered as one of the most diversified and sumptuous food, moroccan cuisine offers a delightful experience. There primary reason contributed to the diverse moroccan food is it’s interaction with the outside world for centuries. 211 more words

In Reading Response Trifolds for 40 Favorite Chapter Books

operation: the word or sentence about 5 times after practice, random sampling of teachers of students learning. When they find the students mastered the pronunciation of words or sentences, the teacher in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, ask students: When the teacher read aloud words or sentences, the student must repeat it after a low voice; when the teacher read a word or sentence whispered, … 302 more words

Peer Instruction and Active Learning Workshops

We (Megan Barker and Lisa McDonnell) recently visited Shasta College in Redding, California, to facilitate workshops on active learning.  We facilitated four workshops – here are the titles and links to the slides: 130 more words

Teaching And Learning

End LGBTQIA+ Bullying - Speak Out

I wholly reject the narrative that we must be “tolerant” towards individuals that continue to allow for these statistics to persist in our “modern” society. 86 more words


Cities Skylines - My Regional Airport is too popular... 2manyplanes4me (via /u/upuuyt)

My Regional Airport is too popular… 2manyplanes4me

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