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Tools and Resources for 2D Content in Game

The list contains tools and resources for user interfaces in games. Enjoy :) 97 more words


Developer Tools

Hi, this is a list of developer tools. Leave your comment about other awesome tools. 🙂 51 more words


Publishers for Indie Devs

Nowadays with digital distribution, the main reasons to need a publisher are gone, but there are other things that can help like PR, budgets, advertisement and marketing. 220 more words


Video and Animation Tools for 2D content

Synfig e DragonBones

Open source 2D animation software.


Software widely used to create presentations for companies and others.

Blender Cut  Andreas Esau has released an open-source add-on dedicated to 2D animation in Blender. 73 more words


Tools for working with Pixel Art and Voxel


Magica Voxel

Magica Voxel is a free voxel editor.


Qubicle is a paid voxel editor. It was used to create the art of the famous game Crossy Road. 78 more words


Crowdfunding Websites

Nowadays, there are a lot of options to funding your games. Check it out: