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Speaking Ballet

As dancers, we begin to learn multiple languages at a young age.  Most terms we learn in ballet are in a language other than English; for example, “plié” is French and “allegro” is Italian. 296 more words


Joyce"America Speaks" Periscope 11AM Middle Class

Dear Followers:

Yesterday, “the power of Magical thinking” became reality when I received an encouraging note from Justin Weingartner, the Political Cartoonist on this site.  He has committed to drawing more cartoons for our use.  244 more words

"the Voice Of Joyce

Snake Eating Its Own Tail

Every creature on this planet must earn a living; even cancers – they feed off the host until the host dies and then they too must die. 119 more words

My Adventures In Home Brewing .

Well in the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to beat the winter blues. Looking for new hobbies and trying some different things I’ve been dabbling in brewing this usually in tails me going through online books and YouTube videos sorting out what where and how I’m going to approach a project I’ve been looking for ways to do it with out losing the bank in the process. 222 more words


acoustic neuroma

What is it?

An acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor that develops when the specialized (Schwann) cells surrounding the vestibular division of the auditory nerve, grow at an abnormal rate in the internal auditory canal. 830 more words