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5 years - a message for wives (part 2)

Dear Ann,

What would you do differently if you knew your husband would die in 5 years? What if you only had a year?

How do you speak to him? 300 more words


25 Ways to Show Real Respect for Your Husband


If anyone has some Valentine’s Day disappointment you would like to hash through together with me, let me know. We can talk about it. 879 more words


"Isn't It Demeaning to Me if I Respect My Husband?"

A guest post from a precious sister in Christ who is very new to this journey:

Thank you!! I was ready to quit when I stumbled onto your site. 1,058 more words


A Two Minute Survey for My Readers

I would so appreciate as many ladies as possible answering these questions – especially those who are regular readers here. This would be such a gift to me! 396 more words


"Wouldn't a Husband Be Prideful for Not Accepting His Wife's Help?"

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A woman asked this question recently – and I think it is a great one to discuss.

Women tend, in general, to jump in to help their husbands or other people – because we see it as “the loving thing to do.” Men tend, in general, not to jump in to offer unsolicited advice or help because they often believe that would be “disrespectful.” So when a wife offers unsolicited help or advice to her husband, and he refuses it – she may be tempted to think that he is being prideful. 664 more words