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Why is no one coming to your meetings? 'Cause you are kind of being a jerk.

We all have been there; meetings are not necessarily on the top five favorite things that we enjoy doing – whether we are attending them or running them. 672 more words

Does A Flag Define us? Does The Ten Commandments Define US?

It amazes me how one tragedy like 9/11 can bring us together as a nation, yet a shooting or a ruling can tear us apart. When 9/11 happened we wanted to stand arm in arm and be united, but with the developments of the last couple of months we are ready to rip one another apart. 1,211 more words

Whether you like her or not: How your children might benefit from Caitlyn Jenner

Two kids, summer camps, carpool, cooking, cleaning, breaking up fights…Most moms can relate when I say that by the time I nearly pass out in my bed at 11:30 pm, I’m barely focused on changing the world.  611 more words


Child Raising

Wait, what? Who on Earth says that we hold children to a higher standard regarding their behavior than we hold ourselves? Last time I checked I was pretty sure that I am the one responsible for teaching my child how to handle his emotions. 425 more words


Call Center Life

A moment in the life…

Rep: Thank you for calling.  My name is Deeply Depressed.  How can I help you?

Caller: I need to update my information with you people… address and stuff. 778 more words

Helping Others

How do feel about kids and dining out? Sound off with your opinion!

I am the mother of two amazing adult children but not so long ago they were not so amazing, tiny little, squirming toddlers that it was an adventure to take anywhere. 1,672 more words