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This Week on Triogenius: What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual Harassment (Gender Harassment) is a form of bullying, and there’s a law against it: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (Discrimination based on gender) passed in 1964. 10 more words


My first job in the church was as a youth minister intern in the summer of 1970 when I was 19 years old. At the end of that summer I went back to college and became the part time youth minister at a church in Cincinnati. 575 more words

We Are Not Going To Agree On Everything, We Should Respect Each Other's Right To Disagree On Anything


For reasons that are not always understood, people in the United States have come to the place where they must convince other people to think as they do. 278 more words

Robert Clifton Robinson

It’s About Time

I remember a former colleague telling me about a performance review she once had. She was working as an assistant manager at a nationally known restaurant chain. 509 more words


Appreciating Different Styles

One of the greatest joys Nadine and I have is coming up to our little retreat and gaining spiritual, emotional and physical retreat.  We pull away as often as we can to enjoy the pleasures of the mountain air.   585 more words

Personal Mastery

I Am Not A Single Male

I am very happily married, thank you very much. I do not go to naturist resorts (or anywhere for that matter) to ogle, look for a mate, search for an alternative lifestyle or “window shop.” I am only looking for a day of relaxation with like-minded people. 470 more words

Respect For Others