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"When Bad Things Happen"


You are constantly given proof,
You are always invited to believe,
You are eternally being supported in that,

                                                     You Are Amazing

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Tired of Listening to the World's Nonsense!

I am so sick and tired of listening to all of the ridiculous nonsense coming out of the world today! Every single day there is another shooting, another bombing, another riot, blacks against whites, whites against blacks, Christians against Muslims, Muslims against Christians…What in the hell is wrong with everyone? 837 more words

"He speaks to us like he is one of us." Indeed, he does.

OK, another Trump rant of mine. I can’t drive this home hard enough, but I have figured something out that I think we all know, but we just don’t hammer it hard enough. 1,711 more words

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People Person or People-Pleaser?

Being a people person is a wonderful trait. You like people and they like you. You are pleasant to be around and you seem to get along with everyone for the most part. 484 more words

Trust God

How Ugly is Prejudice and Hate?

I have a dare for you. You need not take me up on it but a dare is a dare. Some of the people in this country feel prejudice and hatred against others who’s skin is black. 1,183 more words

God's Love

The R's of Life by Sally Cronin - Chapter Two - Respect

The R’s of Life – Chapter Two – Respect.

It is always so easy to criticise and I don’t want these observations on the aspects of life that I have experienced to be completely negative. 2,632 more words

The R's Of Life By Sally Cronin

Change. You can and you cannot.

There are things you face daily that you cannot change.
Regardless of what you think or do, some things you cannot change.

Like what? Well, let me elaborate. 844 more words

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