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Sincerely Love Yourself

This past month we had another terrible tragedy; the mass shooting in Oregon filled our lives with the horrors of death, and the stories of courage, love and compassion that came from it. 393 more words


Passing the torch: Transition, training and avoiding leadership turmoil

Have you ever taken on a new position eager with anticipation to roll up your sleeves and get started, only to sit down and think to yourself “I have no idea what I’m doing”? 1,120 more words

Kailin's Kreed of Konduct or How to Tre

Kailin’s Kreed of Konduct or How to Treat a Woman with Good Self Esteem and Confidence #OctoberIsBullyAwarenessMonth #OctoberIsBreastCancerMonth #KailinGowGoGirl #SelfEsteemForWomen “If you treat me with respect, I will respect you back. 267 more words

To the Man on the Bus Beside Me

It isn’t you. But it’s not me, either. You saw the way I stiffened when you sat down, didn’t you?

You saw me flinch.

And now you think it’s because I think I’m too good for you. 710 more words


Christians and science. Incompatible? I think so, but it shouldn't be. Ever.

If you are a Christian and think science is bunk, this may possibly give you a new perspective. If you read with an open mind, maybe it WILL make sense. 2,004 more words

My Thoughts

Why is no one coming to your meetings? 'Cause you are kind of being a jerk.

We all have been there; meetings are not necessarily on the top five favorite things that we enjoy doing – whether we are attending them or running them. 672 more words

Does A Flag Define us? Does The Ten Commandments Define US?

It amazes me how one tragedy like 9/11 can bring us together as a nation, yet a shooting or a ruling can tear us apart. When 9/11 happened we wanted to stand arm in arm and be united, but with the developments of the last couple of months we are ready to rip one another apart. 1,211 more words