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Be Kind To One Another

Before the days of my entry into the technical world of publishing, and establishing my Blog, my message was type written as a Bulletin for the Midway Airport Chapel, which I founded. 432 more words


Holy Week Reflection: True Unity in the Body of Christ

In this year of heightened political tensions in the U.S., the subject of unity has been weighing heavily on my mind. Unity sometimes seems like a… 782 more words

Spiritual Growth

Fanaticism disguised as patriotism.

The 2016 presidential nomination and election cycle for the United States of America has devolved into a circus with a sideshow resembling a boxing match. We are beginning to behave like the primates we split off from back so many eons ago on the tree of evolution. 934 more words

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A Day In the Life of a Homeschooling Mom

Learning from Play-dates & Playground Mayhem —

It never fails, right when you think you’re onto something good–someone has to come along and throw a chink in your chain of play-date fun!   709 more words

Reason In Ethics

One of the most common questions when it comes to ethical disputes is “Who’s to say?” This question reveals the skepticism so many of us experience when it comes to ethics, the conviction that it is really all just a matter of opinion. 817 more words

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Stop Telling Women to Smile

Stop Telling Women to Smile

Directed by Dean Peterson (2014)

Film Review

Stop Telling Women to Smile is a public art project by African American artist Tatyana Falalizadeh. 117 more words


The war on "Christians." Enough. Just stop it.

Today’s environment.
Syrian refugees refused entry to the United States because they are Muslims.
Central and South American refugees refused entry because they are “Mexicans.” 2,910 more words

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